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200 Bachelor Programs in Social Sciences Anthropology 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Social Sciences Anthropology

Anthropology focuses on the systematic study of human beings and their cultural behavior, physical development, biological traits, and social and religious customs. Anthropology is a broad social science so there are many career opportunities for Bachelor of Anthropology graduates in many industries, both public and private.

Bachelor of Anthropology programs have four main subsets of study; cultural, linguistic, bio-physical, and archeology and curriculum focuses on these four major areas. Courses taught may include such topics as research methods, evolution, ethnography, primatology, prehistoric archeology and many more. Many Bachelor of Anthropology programs also allow for specializations in certain areas such as medicine, forensic pathology, museum studies, or international affairs. Bachelor of Anthropology programs are available online or on campus at many universities throughout the world and many programs can have a specialized regional focus.

If the study of humans and behavior fascinates you, then a Bachelor of Anthropology may be the degree you are looking for. Browse the program options below to learn more!