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107 Bachelor Programs in Life Sciences Animal Science 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Life Sciences Animal Science

Most bachelor degree programs take a minimum of three years to complete and may take up to eight years with part-time attendance. Some bachelor programs offer students the opportunity to earn other degrees concurrently, though these programs tend to have limited admittance and can be highly competitive.

What is a Bachelor in Animal Science? Depending on the program, this degree type may allow scholars to focus their efforts on their animal of choice or may be highly regimented. Most students in this discipline take several levels of biology, chemistry, and genetics, though many programs include environmental and physical sciences in their curriculum as well. Learners typically become familiar with agricultural and livestock management through hands-on courses that often entail working with live animals. In addition to agricultural business methods, students are usually trained in animal nutrition and agricultural research as well.

Bachelor of Animal Science programs often produce students who are methodical thinkers as well as capable of ethically managing agricultural business and maintaining livestock health. These skills prepare students for the path of more advanced education and may provide entry to several fulfilling careers.

Factoring in the costs for college should be done while leveraging expected living expenses, as both can impact the student’s success and comfort. Contact potential schools for tuition information and to learn more about any financial assistance programs that may be available.

From farmlands to corporate laboratories, those graduating with a Bachelor in Animal Science are often qualified to work in a wide array of environments. Whether conducting research as an agricultural scientist, working within veterinary medicine, or advocating for environmental conservation, students can use the technical skills gained from their education to great effect. Livestock managers, livestock scientists, production managers, animal sales specialists, and breed analysts are some of the many job titles available to graduates of this program type.

Like most science-based degrees, a Bachelor in Animal Science is rarely available for remote attendance, though some programs may allow students to complete their lecture-based courses online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.