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55 Bachelor Programs in Aerospace Engineering 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is concerned with the analysis, design and construction of flight vehicles. Bachelor Aerospace Engineering programs utilize a number of advanced technologies including aerodynamics, aerostructures, avionics, propulsion, materials science, and computational simulation while incorporating courses in other areas such as design and manufacture, research and development, and productions. Courses include the basics in physics, mathematics, propulsion, and engineering while providing options for specialization areas.

Bachelor Aerospace Engineering graduates can work in the fields of design, manufacture, research, and airworthiness operations, but also can explore work with automobiles, energy production, conservation, lightweight materials, and new manufacturing techniques. The aerospace facilities and support industry is another emerging employer. Bachelor Aerospace Engineering graduates can join a large aerospace company, an aerospace laboratory, or research institution.

As the world becomes more globalized and aeronautics advances, aerospace engineering professionals are in high demand in many locations around the world. Bachelor Aerospace Engineering programs can help to bridge this gap and can give you the skills and knowledge for success in this exciting industry. Search through the options below to find the Bachelor Aerospace Engineering program for you!