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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 6 Bachelors of Arts  (BA) in TESOL 2023/2024

6 BA Programs in TESOL 2023/2024


A Bachelor of Arts, also known as a BA, is an academic degree you can undertake after completing secondary school or earning a GED. This degree balances general studies with advanced knowledge in a specific liberal arts, humanities or social sciences subject and can be supplemented with a minor.

What is a BA in TESOL? To begin, TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. This can range from teaching those with no knowledge of English at all to helping those who can speak English improve their pronunciation. Typically, you will choose which language you will specialize in and teach students who speak that language natively. Classes may include foreign language, cultural sensitivity and classroom management.

Communication, empathy and organization are three skills you can learn in a TESOL program. Communication and empathy are useful in stressful situations or when meeting new people, while organization can make you more efficient.

Books, registration fees, lodging and transportation are some costs typically associated with earning a degree. You can budget for this degree to take three to five years depending on your funds and any scholarships you earn.

A bachelor’s degree in TESOL can prepare you to go into a career or to pursue graduate-level studies. Most jobs you can apply for are within academia; you could be a full-time or part-time teacher or tutor in areas around the world. Sometimes you can find work teaching English to immigrants and other times participate in an international course of study elsewhere. You can also look for work as an online English teacher if you do not want to travel.

Many countries where English is not the dominant language still want it taught in their schools, and that means you can find TESOL degree programs all over the world. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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