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79 BA Programs in Social Sciences Social Work 2024



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BA Programs in Social Sciences Social Work

Students earn a Bachelor of Arts degree by completing three to four years of coursework in a liberal arts or science subject. This undergraduate degree prepares students for specialized careers or related higher education. Students with a passion for social science and helping others are often drawn to the BA in Social Work.

What is a BA in Social Work? This degree delves into human behavior and psychology, but the overall coursework maintains a broader focus on social environments, diversity, socioeconomic issues, ethics, social services, and social policy. Students also learn about research standards and methodology. The degree ultimately prepares students to analyze modern social issues and address them in various ways, such as shaping public policy, helping individuals through private practice, or conducting research to improve knowledge of widespread issues.

This degree equips students with relevant theoretical knowledge and practical skills in research, analysis, and communication. Upon graduation, students are qualified to pursue higher education in social science or related fields. Students may also move directly into rewarding jobs in which they improve the lives of others.

The expenses associated with earning a BA in Social Work vary by institution. The course structure and region often affect the total degree cost significantly, which makes it essential for students to compare program options and expenses at multiple institutions.

An individual with a BA in Social Work may choose from various career tracks. Graduates may work directly with disadvantaged individuals by providing services such as counseling or crisis intervention. Graduates may also work with government agencies, non-profit organizations, or private companies to improve public policies or address community issues, such as crime and poverty. Other graduates choose to pursue jobs or higher education in related fields, such as public administration.

For many individuals, earning a bachelor’s degree online is a more desirable option than completing the degree in a traditional setting. Online degrees offer flexibility as well as economic savings. Fortunately, many institutions offer the BA in Social Work as an online degree program. To find and apply to a program that interests you, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.