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21 BA Programs in Social Sciences Sociology Social Science Studies 2024



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BA Programs in Social Sciences Sociology Social Science Studies

A BA prepares students for professional careers and confers authority. A Bachelor of Arts degree may be attained in four years or less and is a prerequisite for postgraduate classes.

What is a BA in Social Science Studies? A Bachelor’s of Art in Social Science Studies encompasses a variety of social science disciplines, including political science, psychology, anthropology and sociology. Individuals may take a broad range of core classes and specialty courses. Program participants learn about different methodologies and examine theories about human subjectivity and social interaction. Social science studies can prepare students for advanced degrees in law and finance. Degrees in counseling, social justice and sustainability utilize the holistic view of the field.

Students who earn a bachelor’s degree in social science studies may learn skills applicable for practical use in their chosen field. The ability to identify critical procedures and synthesize research results into development plans can be transferred from academics to professions enabling career advancement. Individuals also cultivate strong foundational skills in problem-solving and critical thinking.

A Bachelor’s in Social Science Studies is offered with varying specialties, depending on the institution. When the program fitting student goals has been identified, it’s important for prospective students to contact the school for current fees and registration requirements.

Individuals completing a bachelor’s degree in social science studies may find opportunities in a range of careers, from specialists in compensation analysis and clinical laboratory technicians to urban planners, occupational therapists and environmental scientists. These positions are highly competitive and have the potential for career advancement. Sociologists are in demand at large corporations and consultancy firms to analyze customer behavior as it pertains to their products and services.

Bachelor’s programs in social science studies are offered at online colleges and in campus locations around the world. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.