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10 BA Programs in Management Studies Leadership Organizational Leadership 2024



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BA Programs in Management Studies Leadership Organizational Leadership

Many individuals are searching for ways to stand out above the competition. A bachelor’s degree is a great way to do that. This four-year degree gives individuals advanced knowledge in their selected field. For those interested in the liberal arts, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) might be worth considering.

Some people may wonder, what is a BA in Organizational Leadership? It is a degree program that teaches individuals how to develop and lead organizational plans that help to improve productivity. Students learn organizational behavior theories and effective leadership skills. There is also strong social psychology component to help students learn how to work with various types of individuals. Upon completing this program graduates should be able to facilitate different types of groups and provide leadership that spurs productivity.

No matter what job an individual pursues, leadership skills come in handy. This degree program equips individuals with such skills, as well as keen analytical, communication and organizational abilities. Such skills can be applied to a variety of tasks, which can help individuals stand out to employers.

There is not a universal cost for this program; certain factors affect the price. The average cost of attendance, the geographical location of the school and whether you study on campus or online all weigh in on the cost.

A BA in Organizational Leadership prepares individuals for a number of different interpersonal, relationship-focused careers. With the strong leadership focus of this degree, many individuals choose to pursue some type of management position, be it in general or more focused. For example, some may choose to supervise staff members, while others may focus on conflict management or developing motivational strategies. Whichever avenue these individuals choose, they can do so in practically any industry, including government, nonprofit, service industries or communications, amongst others.

If you have a passion for bringing others together for the accomplishment of a common goal, a BA in Organizational Leadership could be right for you. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.