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61 BA Programs in Ministry 2023


A BA, or Bachelor of Arts, is usually focused on liberal arts, psychology, and philosophy. Earning a bachelor’s degree allows students to explore a variety of subjects through required general education courses as well as specializing in a chosen field.

What is a BA in Ministry? An undergraduate degree program in ministry is typically found at a religious university. Students learn about theology, ethics, and how to work with others in a church setting. A bachelor’s degree allows students to focus on their personal spiritual growth as well as learning about how to counsel others in faith. In the field of ministry, there are several different specializations one can explore. A BA in ministry can lead to a more focused study in family counseling, pastoral leadership, or religious education ministry.

These programs teach students about their faith and how to share it with others. Graduates may benefit from finding careers with religious institutions or in starting an organization. Many benefits come from the ability to simply help others find goodness in life.

The cost of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in ministry varies depending on the school you attend. Typically, a BA takes three to five years to complete for a full-time student. Ask your educational program for specific information about tuition rates.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in ministry can lead to continued education through a Master’s and even a doctorate program for those interested in pastoring a church. Recipients of a BA in ministry can typically work inside a church or religious institution. Job possibilities include, but are not limited to, church administration, youth leadership, or human services professionals. Through these positions, you may be able to coach and encourage church members to grow as individuals and through their faith.

With the increasing number of online education programs, it is easier than ever to make time for school. Busy working professionals can earn their bachelor’s degree online on their own schedule. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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