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23 BA Programs in Geography 2024

    BA Programs in Geography

    Many people choose to attend a college or university after high school to obtain a Bachelor of Arts, or BA. Typically acquired in about four years, a bachelor’s degree generally enhances employability as well as lifelong earning potential.

    Just what is a BA in Geography? This comprehensive undergraduate degree program gives participants a solid educational foundation in physical geography as well as close review of mathematic and scientific topics of relevance to the field. Students will become familiar with geospatial technologies such as remote sensing and cartography. Additional emphasis is often placed on topics like water resource management, climatology, meteorology, biogeography and land use planning, among other areas. Some geography bachelor’s degree programs focus on a particular part of the world, while others are more general in nature.

    Bachelor’s degree holders frequently find it easier to obtain high-prestige, high-salary positions than those in the field without degrees. They also have the academic foundation necessary for pursuing a master’s degree in the same or a similar field, if desired.

    The cost of obtaining a BA in Geography depends on several factors. How popular the program is, where the school offering it is located and how much prestige the school has all play a role in determining tuition.

    The skills obtained in a geography undergraduate degree program are of value to many employers, and thus, many graduates go on to work in positions where they can utilize their computer, research and analytical knowledge. Many go on to work as climatologists, cartographers or GIS specialists. Others work in urban planning, community development, transportation or environmental management. Some graduates put their skills to work in writing or research-related capacities, while others teach geography at the middle or high school level.

    Numerous academic opportunities exist around the world for those seeking a BA in Geography. Our database is an ideal resource to begin searching for the program that’s right for you. Online options may be available for students who choose to take that route. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.