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18 BA Programs in Environmental Studies Environmental Sciences 2024



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BA Programs in Environmental Studies Environmental Sciences

A Bachelor of Arts, abbreviated BA, is an academic degree combining a liberal arts overview with focused coursework in a specific arts or humanities subject. It typically takes three to five years, and the length of study depends on the subject, school and any accompanying minors you pursue.

You may be wondering, what is a BA in Environmental Sciences? This field of study looks at how technology, humans and other creatures interact with the environment. Some environmental areas include water quality and air quality along with ecosystem sustainability and species endangerment. Potential courses include air dispersion modeling, methods in hydrology, organic chemistry, aquatic biology and environmental geology.

Some skills you can gain during your studies include teamwork, problem-solving and innovative thinking. All three of these can be used on the job and in your daily life to identify and solve various problems. Teamwork is also useful when planning a social event with others.

To budget for your bachelor's degree, consider whether you will move to be closer to school, commute or take courses online. Other costs include general registration, books and any supplies needed for your subject. The tuition office of an institution can often answer questions you have about costs.

A degree in environmental sciences can qualify you for multiple positions in education, wildlife management, research, global outreach and industry. The knowledge you gain from this degree can be applied to protect endangered wildlife, clean contaminated ecosystems and ethically manage resources in depleted areas. Some job titles to look for include wildlife technician, agricultural field manager, environmental specialist and sustainability project manager.

Concern for the environment is growing, so environmental sciences are being taught at schools all over the world. Decide where you want to study, and begin narrowing your options from there. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.