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49 BA Programs in Performing Arts Theater studies Drama 2024



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BA Programs in Performing Arts Theater studies Drama

Earning a Bachelor of Arts, or BA, is a significant milestone in many academic careers. This degree marks the completion of three to five years of education, combining a broad study of liberal arts with a focused pursuit of the skills needed for a career path.

What is a BA in Drama? For many seeking professional theatre, this undergraduate program can provide the critical foundation. Students usually take on practical learning of acting, writing and directing in a series of workshops and projects, mixed with reading, lectures and research on the theory and history of the performing arts. The curriculum often features students collaborating to develop an independent production.

Along with the practice and theory of performance, a BA in Drama offers skills applicable elsewhere in life. Students can improve their capacity for teamwork, organization and project management; they may also enjoy higher confidence and a more open-minded, creative approach to problem-solving.

Costs associated with earning a BA in Drama vary between schools and programs. The main factors are the tuition rates and program’s length, as well as necessary texts and the cost of living. Before applying, students should research and request info from their schools of interest.

A number of careers in theatre and performing arts open up to students who obtain a BA in drama. Actors, dancers, theatre directors and writers are the most notable players, but graduates may also apply their skills as set or costume designers or prop managers. Off-stage, some graduates of this program go into other media, such as radio or film. Others may turn this background toward helping their communities as drama and music therapists or as community arts workers.

For future students considering a BA in Drama, online resources can help locate colleges with programs for this degree. Online learning is rare for performing arts, but studying abroad may present unique opportunities. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.