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63 BA Programs in Law Studies Criminal Justice 2024



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BA Programs in Law Studies Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Arts, or BA, is an academic achievement given to students who effectively complete about four years of study in what is usually a liberal arts-based field. Along with the Bachelor of Science, the Bachelor of Arts is one of the two most popular bachelor’s degree distinctions.

Just what is a BA in Criminal Justice? This program can typically be completed within four years, and gives students the skills required to fill the growing need for well-trained criminal justice professionals around the world. Common areas of study in a criminal justice bachelor’s degree program include criminology, sociology, ethics, recidivism, and various concepts related to social science and research. Additional focus is often placed on the juvenile justice system, police administration and general security issues.

Most who graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice find that they are able to make more money after earning the BA than they were beforehand. They are also generally more employable than those within the field without degrees.

Prospective criminal justice students should expect considerable variation in tuition costs from one bachelor’s degree program to the next. Matters like the prestige of the school and where, geographically, the program is offered are all factors in determining final tuition amounts.

Those who successfully secure a BA in Criminal Justice have the skills necessary to excel in a variety of different capacities within the field. Most work within law enforcement or the prison system to some degree. Common careers include police officers, detectives, correctional officers, probation officers, forensic scientists, security guards or crime scene investigators. Others work in narcotics enforcement, customs, immigration, or fraud or computer forensics investigation, among other areas.

Many lucrative career opportunities exist within the field of criminal justice. If you are in need of a flexible schedule, online courses may be offered for your convenience. Our database is a great resource for reviewing the many criminal justice degree programs available around the globe. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.