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37 BA Programs in Creative Arts 2024



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    BA Programs in Creative Arts

    Many students begin their academic careers by pursuing a Bachelor of Arts. Depending where the university is located, bachelor's programs may run three or four years in length. Bachelor of Arts degrees often focus on literature, arts, history and other humanities majors.

    What is a BA in Creative Arts? This college degree may groom students to become art historians, visual art administrators or working artists in various creative fields such as sculpture, painting, drawing, ceramics, photography or even printmaking. Many programs offer a studio-focused environment with small class sizes and hands-on tutoring by faculty who are artists in their own right. Students frequently give one-person exhibitions or presentations of their art as a required part of the program.

    Graduates of creative arts programs learn to follow through on their ideas and concepts and turn them into completed projects. Other useful life skills include maintaining an organized work environment and building self-confidence to present and explain artistic endeavors.

    Not every school charges the same amount to complete a creative arts degree. Since length of programs can vary, individuals may want to check out costs in different locations, as well as make comparisons between several schools.

    A bachelor's degree in creative arts may lead to a number of possible careers. Some graduates may become freelance artists, maintaining a studio in their chosen medium and selling their creations through galleries, art fairs or online. They also might find positions in advertising or the entertainment industry. Some who complete the program can work as art historians or visual arts administrators for such organizations as museums, theatres or art galleries. Other career possibilities might include a private art instructor, an assistant in an antique gallery or auction house and an art critic, covering art shows for newspapers or magazines.

    There can be many advantages to residing on campus when studying creative arts, such as 24-hour access to studios and hands-on guidance by faculty artists. For those persons who cannot attend in person, online programs provide a good alternative. To discover the right school, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.