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9 BA Programs in Performing Arts Music Composition 2024



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BA Programs in Performing Arts Music Composition

Many individuals choose to attend a college or university in pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts, or BA, as a method of broadening their career prospects as well as their earning potential. Most bachelor’s degree programs can be completed in about four years and involve close, intensive study of a particular liberal arts-based field or industry.

Just what is a BA in Composition? Intended for those seeking comprehensive, professional training in music composition, this degree program emphasizes an array of topics of relevance to music and the performing arts. Common areas of study include music history, music theory, ear training and ethnomusicology. Additional attention is often given to the art of conducting and the fields of orchestration and instrumentation. Some composition bachelor’s degree programs also emphasize piano proficiency and other important elements of musical performance, although some degree of variation exists among programs.

Graduates of Bachelor of Arts in Composition programs often report a spike in earnings after securing the degree. Many also report having an easier time finding gainful employment than they did prior to earning the BA in Composition.

Tuition costs vary from one composition program to the next based on a variety of factors like course popularity and the prestige of the school offering the program. Students seeking specific tuition information should contact each school of interest for current rates.

Many music-oriented career paths exist for those with strong backgrounds in composition. Many graduates of these programs go on to work as composers or film composers, while others pursue work as music producers, band managers or choral instructors. Others yet choose to teach music privately or return to school to pursue a master’s degree, which is often a prerequisite for teaching composition at the collegiate level.

Those interested in reviewing the many academic opportunities available globally may do so using our database. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.