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14 BA Programs in Chinese 2024

    BA Programs in Chinese

    A Bachelor of Arts, or BA, is one of several undergraduate degree types. This degree is awarded to students who master a particular field of study, usually one related to the humanities, social sciences, or liberal arts.

    What is a BA in Chinese? A degree program in Chinese goes far beyond simply learning about verbal and written communication. It also teaches students the history, culture, and literature of China, allowing them to gain a comprehensive understanding of the country. The curriculum is composed of a wide variety of courses, including modern Chinese literature, Asian linguistics, and the history of Chinese civilization. Many programs also include practical courses such as business Chinese, which are designed to help students develop professional communication skills. Before receiving their degrees, students are expected to demonstrate a thorough understanding of both the Chinese language and culture.

    As a formidable world power, China has a large influence on culture and the global economy, and many companies have strong ties with the country. Individuals who have a degree in Chinese possess valuable communication and language skills; therefore, they are highly desired by many employers.

    A bachelor’s degree program takes about four years to acquire. The cost of enrollment varies from school to school. The best way to determine a school’s tuition and fees is by contacting its admissions office.

    There are many career opportunities available to graduates. Many degree holders acquire positions as educators, archivists, interpreters, or historians. Another viable career path is business. Many large companies have relationships with China, and they desire employees who possess strong oral and written communication skills. Other possible professions for graduates include tourism, hospitality, finance, advertising, management consulting, and curating. A bachelor’s degree program instills students with a range of abilities that they can apply to almost any career field.

    A BA in Chinese may be offered at schools throughout the world. Online courses are often of interest to those who may not live near their desired school and to those whose schedules may not allow them to attend physical classes. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.