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BA Programs in Arts

A Bachelor of Arts is a degree that is conferred upon students who have completed a specific program of study within the liberal arts. The degree typically takes three to four years to complete, though the length of each program will vary depending upon the institution and the country in which the institution is located.

A Bachelor of Arts in Arts Studies is an exceptionally versatile degree program, but precisely what is a BA in Arts Studies? This particular degree offers students the opportunity to explore the connection between various forms of art and outside concerns that include politics, philosophy, religion, technology, and so much more. Students typically explore this connection while also developing important skills in a variety of mediums, including film, music, and visual arts.

There are a number of benefits that students pursuing a Bachelor Arts in Arts Studies can expect, including the development of analytical skills and the ability to establish meaning in a variety of works of art. Students can also expect to benefit from the many practical skills they learn throughout the course of the program, all of which are incredibly diverse.

The cost of a Bachelor of Arts in Arts Studies will vary greatly among the many institutions offering this program. It is best that interested parties thoroughly research the cost of any program before arriving at a decision with regard to which institution to attend.

There are numerous careers that those who earn a Bachelor of Arts in Arts Studies can pursue, which include careers in many industries, including conceptual arts, creative writing, dance, film, illustration, photography, printmaking, education, music, and business.

There are tremendous programs available to you if you are interested in pursuing a BA in Arts Studies. Our comprehensive database provides a listing of the many institutions that offer such a program, so take a few moments to search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.