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20 BA Programs in Humanities Studies History Ancient History 2024



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BA Programs in Humanities Studies History Ancient History

The Bachelor of Arts, or BA, is an academic distinction that is often earned after about four years of rigorous study of a given liberal arts-based topic. Many high school graduates attend college in pursuit of a BA as a way of broadening their career prospects and earning potential.

Just what is a BA in Ancient History? This comprehensive program involves close study of the language, literature, culture and history of the world’s ancient civilizations. While some ancient history degree programs focus on a particular part of the world, most undergraduate courses deliver a more broad education and cover Christian, Jewish and Greco-Roman studies, among those of other religious and ethnic groups. Special attention is often given to ancient languages like Latin, and some programs focus on ancient arts and other forms of communication, like Egyptian hieroglyphics. Many ancient history programs offer a combination of in-classroom and in-the-field study, the latter of which may include assistance with archaeological digs and related endeavors.

Most BA in Ancient History recipients find that they are able to earn more annually after securing the undergraduate degree than they were prior to doing so. They also find that they are more employable than they were beforehand, and are able to assume higher-prestige positions once the degree is attained.

An array of factors like where a course is offered and how popular it is play a role in determining final tuition rates. Prospective students can contact the admissions office of each school they are considering for timely enrollment information.

Ancient history degree holders are prepared for employment across a broad range of fields. Many work in museums, libraries or government organizations, while others work in travel and tourism, advertising, education, or a similar field. Common careers paths include that of a diplomat, archivist, curator, researcher, tour guide or educator, among others. Some graduates choose to return to school after earning the bachelor’s degree in pursuit of an even more advanced degree, which is often required for teaching ancient history at the college or university level.

Our broad database is a great resource for exploring the many ancient history bachelor’s degree programs currently offered around the globe. Online options may be available for those who are in need of a flexible schedule. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.