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What jobs can I do with a Bachelor's in Sociology?

If you are considering studying for a bachelor's in sociology, a key question will be, what jobs can I do with a sociology degree?Sociology graduates can pursue many career paths. We share what you can do with a bachelor's in sociology.

Sep 6, 2023
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What is a bachelor's degree in sociology?

A bachelor's degree in sociology is an undergraduate program that provides the foundation for studying social structures, human behavior, and social change. Sociology is an interdisciplinary field of study and can overlap with the social sciences, such as anthropology, economics, psychology, and political science.

Sociology majors learn sociology theory and practices to understand how society works and how to improve it. Sociology students examine social groups and institutions of all sizes, including cities, ethnic groups, families, or neighborhoods.

Careers in Sociology: Sociologist

A sociologist studies the development of social institutions and human behavior. Building on the sociological theory, analytical skills, and critical thinking approaches learned during your Bachelor's in sociology. You will conduct research using statistical methods and qualitative research methods.

Sociologists examine areas including:

  • Economic changes
  • Social inequality
  • Labor statistics
  • Population changes
  • Family and gender roles
  • Crime and delinquency

Sociologists' research on social issues can shape changes in public policy.

Career choices for sociology students: Market Research analysts

Undergraduate sociology students may consider a career path in market research. Market research analysts show organizations the mindset and buying habits of their consumers. You will gather data on consumer behavior and interests via focus groups, interviews, surveys, and public opinion polls. This market data will inform recommendations for product development and marketing campaigns and highlight future trends in the business world.

Careers in Sociology: Public policy analyst

Many sociology majors pursue a career path as a public policy analyst, where you look at social and political issues experienced by countries and their governments. A public policy analyst will examine data to create policies, plans, and strategies to improve public policy in health organizations or government agencies.

Careers in Sociology: Social worker

A Social worker supports individuals and families dealing with complex issues such as poverty, abuse, mental health issues, disabilities, and substance abuse. Social workers harness their communications skills by working with people of all ages in settings, including senior centers and youth clubs.

Career choices for sociology students: human resources manager

As a sociology major, you may consider being a human resources manager, where you ensure an organization's employee policies are in line with labor laws and government rules. You will oversee staff training, recruitment, and management and develop employment opportunities.

Careers in Sociology: School Counselor

Working in school counseling, you'll help students' social and academic development in elementary, middle, and high schools. As a school counselor, your tasks will vary depending on the needs and ages of the students. They can involve helping students deal with social issues, develop study skills, or guide them on their college applications and career paths.

A bachelor's in sociology can get you started as a school counselor, but further education may be necessary.

Careers in Sociology: Research Assistant

Many undergraduates in sociology decide to work as research assistants, carrying out background research to support the work of sociology professors. Research assistants build on their critical thinking skills, collect data, conduct experiments, and spend time writing reports. Sociology majors may take up research positions in government agencies on sociology-related projects.

Careers in Sociology: study for a master's degree in sociology

As a bachelor of sociology graduate, you may choose to continue to develop your sociological knowledge and study for a master's degree in sociology or another social science. A postgraduate degree in sociology allows graduates to specialize in areas of interest such as research positions or education roles.

A bachelor's degree in sociology is a flexible program of study. It provides the skills and knowledge for graduates to pursue many career paths and make a difference in society.

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