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Top 6 Jobs for International Business Majors

If you are considering studying for an international business major, you will also be happy to know you can follow multiple career paths after graduation. We share some of the top jobs available for international business majors.

Sep 6, 2023
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What is an international business major?

An international business major program teaches you about international trade between companies worldwide. You will learn about services, goods, finance, management, marketing, and the impact of national and international regulations on commerce and markets. International relations majors are suited to students interested in combining business basics with cultural and linguistic knowledge.

International business careers open many possibilities for personal and professional growth.

A successful career in international companies means you can join a diverse workforce and enjoy prestigious benefits, travel the entire globe, and see people. As a result of more work experience and knowledge, you will develop the skills needed to communicate effectively across cultural borders. International business graduates also choose to work for NGOs and support an issue that's meaningful to them.

International business students learn to be attuned to the latest business trends, such as clean technology growth, slower economic growth, consumer habits, and changes in demographics and populations.

The world economy continues to globalize, and more US companies are expanding business operations worldwide. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts business and financial operations will grow 7% from 2021 - 2021, primarily due to globalization leading to new jobs across multinational organizations.

Top jobs for international business majors


Here are some of the popular career paths for student studying for a bachelor's degree in interantional business:

Investment Banker:

Investment bankers provide financial advice for businesses seeking investments or capital for expansion. They analyze market opportunities, measure investment returns, identify potential buyers of securities, and offer advice on mergers and acquisitions.

International Economist:

International economics analyzes global economic trends to provide insight into potential business investments and strategies. They research markets, economies, and industries in different countries to identify opportunities and risks and advise governments on fiscal policies.

Business Development Manager:

A business development manager is responsible for researching and finding new markets that may be profitable for their organization. They analyze trends, conduct market research, and develop strategic plans to expand the company's reach.

International Trade Analyst:

An international trade analyst assists in the import/export of goods between countries by gathering and analyzing data related to tariffs, exchange rates, quotas, taxes, and other financial factors that may impact global trading operations.

International Marketing Manager:

International marketers can identify and analyze consumers' purchasing habits by researching competitor markets. The team then develops and applies traditional and social media marketing strategies. After all campaign evaluations, the team analyzes the results and recommends new products and services that meet consumer demand.

Management Analyst

A management analyst looks at an organization's strengths and weaknesses to gather the information that is important in the organization's strategy. This team of experts helps businesses increase efficiency and revenue and decrease costs using data. Most employers require candidates to complete their Bachelor's Degrees or equivalent qualifications. Others may prefer to require applicants to hold an MBA.

These four jobs represent just a few opportunities for international business majors. With a bachelor's degree in international business, you can find exciting and rewarding work in many different areas. Whether you're looking to launch a career in the corporate world or pursue a more entrepreneurial path, an international business major can provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.

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