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Study Abroad Tips every Bachelor's Student should Know

Studying for a bachelor's degree abroad is an exciting step but can also be daunting; we share our tips to help you prepare and take the stress away.

Sep 6, 2023
  • Study Abroad

Study abroad tips for Bachelor's students

Make the most of your bachelor's degree abroad; use our tips to navigate your new study country and culture to have the best time.

1. Do your research

Do your research before heading to your study destination. Look at the country's climate, major cities, historic landmarks, local cultures, and cuisine.

Familiarise yourself with the transport network, and note down any places of interest close to your student accommodation, including; local cafes, train or metro stations, or restaurants and supermarkets. Planning how to get to and from places like the campus library and local amenities will boost your confidence when you first arrive.

Learning the local language, even its key phrases will make your life easier. Not only will it help you immerse in the local culture and make new friends, but you'll also be able to navigate your new country quicker.

2. Plan early

Start planning once you have been accepted for your bachelor's degree of choice. You will need to start looking at flights, accommodation, and a visa depending on the country you are heading to.

Keep your important documents organized and easily accessible. This way, you will know where everything is, such as your:

  • passport
  • travel insurance
  • health insurance
  • visa
  • emergency contact information.

3. Look after your health

If you're a bachelor's student, it might be your first time going abroad and living away from home, an exciting adventure but not without its challenges. Ensure you're doing things to look after your mental and physical health, especially if you find the experience difficult.

It's important to eat well, stay active and find support when you need it. Living abroad can be lonely and disorientating at times; it's essential to talk to friends and family or student councilors.

It takes time to readjust to life as a bachelor's student abroad, so taking care of yourself is vital to avoid burnout.

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4. Stay safe while studying abroad

Of course, we hope you don't experience any dangerous situations while studying for your bachelor's degree abroad; it's smart to take steps to keep yourself safe.

Familiarise yourself with your new surroundings, know the safest routes to your campus and accommodation, and to and from the bars, supermarkets, and local amenities.

Ensure you lock your student dorm room properly, even if you live on campus, and keep valuables such as your passport safe.

Stay in regular contact with family and friends and inform them about your whereabouts.

Taking out travel insurance is sensible; it'll give you peace of mind in case anything goes wrong.

5. Stick to a budget

If you are studying for your bachelor's degree abroad, it might be your first time living away from home and the first time you have to manage a range of costs, including food and living expenses.

You can save money by choosing to cook your meals, taking public transport, and taking advantage of student discount prices at cinemas and clothes shops.

Sticking to a budget will allow you to manage financial stress, focus on your studies, and have a good time during your study abroad adventure.

6. Make new friends

Studying abroad will allow you to meet people from all over the world. Try not to limit yourself to only hanging out with other international students; try to meet locals to learn more about the country and culture.

Learn the local language to help you connect with locals and immerse further in your new study destination.

We know making new friends in a foreign country can be anxiety-inducing and might put you out of your comfort zone. It can be tricky to approach people, but your fellow students will be in the same position as you and trying to make friends.

Join a university club or society which interests you, spend time in the common rooms of your student accommodation, and be bold and chat with people in your classes.

7. Remember to enjoy yourself during your study abroad experience.

Embrace the experience and leave your comfort zone. Studying for a bachelor's abroad can be a life-changing experience, to explore a new place, meet new people, potentially make life-long friends and get to know yourself.

Say yes to every opportunity that comes your way, join fellow students to explore local restaurants, or take up a new sport or hobby through a university club.

Make the most of living in your new study destination, whether it's exploring the country further, meeting the locals, visiting historical landmarks, or immersing yourself in a new culture.

If you're about to embark on a bachelor's degree abroad, we hope our tips help you prepare for the excitement and anxieties of living in another country.