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Scholarships for Bachelor's Studies in Germany

We've compiled a list of scholarships you can apply for if you'd like to get a Bachelor's in Germany as an international student.

Sep 8, 2023
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Scholarships are a great way to make your studies more affordable, enabling you to concentrate on your academic program without the added stress of tuition and living expenses.

If you'd like to learn more about Germany as a study abroad destination, check out our article on why you should study in Germany.

Here's a list of scholarships you can apply for if you'd like to get a Bachelor's in Germany as an international student:

University scholarships

Degree Completion Grants for International Students at Universität Hamburg

  • University: University of Hamburg
  • Scholarship award: Partial Funding, €200 to €720 per month
  • Funding period: from 6 to 12 months
  • Eligibility is need-based:
    • All nationalities are eligible (except German)
    • Have a monthly income of less than €450 
  • Scholarship requirements:
    • Get an evaluation from the supervisor
    • Show the residency status
    • Send copies of bank statements from all checking and savings accounts of the last 3 months and documentation of financial assets
  • Deadlines: 
    • June 1st (for period of funding from July 1st – December 31st)
    • December 1st (for funding period from January 1st – June 30th)

RWTH Aachen University Exchange Scholarships

  • University: RWTH Aachen University, Aachen
  • Period: 1 semester
  • Scholarship award: €1,000 in total (covers costs for accommodation and living expenses) + a free German language course in September
  • Eligibility:
    • candidates must be nominated by their home university 
    • candidates be enrolled at one of the following partner universities (check out the official list of eligible universities)

Note: double funding is not possible. This scholarship can’t be combined with any other German or international publicly or privately funded scholarships.

Christian Wulff Scholarship

  • University: Berlin International University of Applied Sciences
  • Scholarship award: Partial Funding, 50% of tuition fee
  • Scholarship requirements: 
    • BA (or MA) student with outstanding academic achievements 
    • Engagement within the BI community

Berlin International University offers even more scholarships to promising candidates.

Scholarships funded by governmental bodies and external organizations

Scholarships for International Students

  • University: Technical University of Munich
  • Funded by: Bavarian Government
  • Scholarship award: €500 and €1,800 per semester
  • Eligibility:
  • Scholarship requirement:
    • Good academic performance
    • Motivational letter (100–200 words) and CV/Resume
    • You are in your third semester of your Bachelor's
    • Recommendation letters
    • Proof of low income (bank statements of the last 3 months) - unless you meet the exemption criteria
  • Deadlines: end of June (summer semester) and mid-December (winter semester)
  • Standout feature: you can reapply every semester

Deutschlandstipendium (German Stipend) at German Universities

The largest public-private partnership scholarship program in Germany.

  • Program: Bachelor’s (and Master’s) degrees in any subject at various German universities
  • Scholarship award: €300 per month for international students with outstanding academic performance
  • Period: variable. From 2 semesters to the entire study period (with periodic review of the student's achievements)
  • Eligibility:
    • All nationalities are eligible
    • High-achieving and committed students (applicants must meet the requirements of the individual institutions, show social commitment and personal achievements)
  • Selection criteria: Awarded by the universities
  • Standout feature: Many universities and private sponsors also support Deutschlandstipendium holders through concurrent mentoring programs, networking events, and internships.

Read more on how Deutschlandstipendium works.

DAAD Scholarships

  • The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) is the world’s largest funding organization for the international exchange of student.
  • Funded by: German Federal Foreign Office

Here some of the most popular DAAD scholarships:

STIBET Scholarships For International Students

  • Universities: various
  • Scholarship award: partial funding, up to €500 per month (3 or 4 months)
  • Eligibility:
    • Open to all nationals except Germans
    • Have a valid visa
    • Monthly income must be lower than €450 per month
  • Scholarship requirements:
    • Good academic performance (transcripts of grades)
    • Reference letter
    • Commitment to social and higher education policy
  • Applications are open twice a year (November and May-June)

DAAD German Studies Research Grant (American citizens)

This program is designed to promote the study of cultural, political, historical, economic and social aspects of modern German affairs in German colleges for American students

  • Scholarship award: €1800-€2700
  • Period: short-term research (1-2 months)
  • Eligibility:
    • be a citizen of (or a permanent resident in) the US and Canada
    • be a high-performing student nominated by the professor supervising their research project
    • have completed at least 3 courses in German Studies (politics, literature, history or other fields)
  • Requirements:
    • CV and official transcripts of all undergraduate work
    • Description of the research project and research plan
    • A budget statement
  • Application deadlines: May, July, and November

DAAD Prize

  • Universities: Various
  • Scholarship award: €1,000
  • Eligibility: International students studying at a German higher education institution
  • Scholarship requirements:
    • Outstanding academic achievements
    • Artistic or entrepreneurial engagement
    • Special contributions to intercultural dialogue

Note: The dean(s) and the university president both have to nominate a candidate.

RLS Scholarships in Germany

The Rosa Luxembourg Foundation is one of the six major political foundations in the Federal Republic of Germany.

  • Funded by: Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • Scholarship award: partial funding of varied amounts
  • Field of study: scientific and technical disciplines
  • Eligibility:
    • Must be studying at a German higher institution
  • Scholarship requirements:
    • Very good grades
    • The students must NOT be the holder of the scholarships in any of the previous years
    • German language proficiency (B2 level or above)
  • Deadlines: April 1st for winter semester and October 1st for summer semester

SBW Berlin Scholarship

The SBW Berlin Scholarship program supports international students who intend develop non-profit projects in their home countries.

  • Institution: University of Applied Sciences in Berlin orPotsdam
  • Period: from1 month to 2 years
  • Scholarship award: funding of tuition fee, accommodation in in-house student rooms, monthly allowance for living expenses
  • Eligibility:
    • Countries: Eastern Europe, South America, Asia, Africa
    • Between 18 and 30 years old
  • Scholarship requirements:
    • Volunteer experience in the non-profit sector
    • Intention to return to one's home country for work for at least 18 months after studies
    • Minimum grade point average (GPA): 2.0.
  • Deadline: May 15th to June 30th / November 15th to December 31st

Note: Students whose studies in Germany are already being funded by another scholarship are not eligible.

Armenian International Women's Association (AIWA) Scholarship Awards

  • Funded by: Armenian International Women's Association
  • Scholarship award: €900
  • Eligibility: female applicants of Armenian descent
  • Scholarship requirements:
    • Official transcript of grades (minimum GPA: 3.2)
    • Two letters of recommendation
  • Selection criteria: financial need and academic merit
  • Deadlines: applications open in January, and are due in mid-April

Major-specific scholarships

Munich Business School (MBS) Scholarship

  • Institution: Munich Business School 
  • Field of study: Business, International business
  • Scholarship amount: partial funding of up to €2,850 per semester 
  • Eligibility: All nationalities
  • Scholarship requirements:
    • School leaving certificate with an average grade point of 1.9
    • Excellent performance at the Bachelor Assessment Day
    • Background in personal and family-related factors
    • Engaged in social and voluntary activities

Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarships

  • University: Heidelberg University
  • Scholarship award: €1,000 per month, 12 scholarships available
  • Field of study: MINT (mathematics, computer and natural sciences, technology)
  • Eligibility:
    • Bachelor’s program applicant for a MINT subject
    • Haven't yet completed a course at Heidelberg University
    • MINT subjects must take up at least 50% of the program
  • Scholarship requirements:
    • CV, Letter of motivation, 2 recommendation letters
    • Certificate of university-entrance qualification, foreign certificates of final grades and conversion to the German grading system
    • Supporting MINT-related documentation on awards, voluntarily completed internships and participation in working groups
  • Selection criteria: Academic achievements, Academic merit

Privately funded scholarships

Friedrich Ebert Foundation: Scholarship for International Students

  • University: various German universities, various eligible fields
  • Scholarships available: 40 per year
  • Scholarship award: €830 per month + covering health insurance
  • Eligibility:
    • Countries: Global South (Asia, Africa, Latin America), post-Soviet states, Eastern and South-Eastern European countries
  • Scholarship requirements:
    • Outstanding academic or academic merit (certificates)
    • Wish to study in Germany
    • Be committed to the values of social democracy
    • Sufficient knowledge of German

Standout feature: students with children receive a family allowance of €276

Read more on the official Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung page.

EvangelischesStudienwerk Scholarships

  • University: various German universities, various eligible fields
  • Scholarship award: €752 per month + €300 for cost of studies
  • Eligibility:
    • EU citizenship
    • Membership in a Protestant church
  • Scholarship requirements:
    • Proven social commitment (ex. church, politics, environment, family)
    • German language skills
    • Letter of motivation
    • A university entrance certificate
  • Deadlines: January (winter semester) – July (summer semester)
  • Standout features:
    • Offers individual support and a varied and interdisciplinary range of seminars
    • You can apply with a legal refugee status provided you hold a residence permit in accordance with BAföG

BayBIDS Motivational Grant

BayBIDS is an association that promotes cooperation between German schools abroad, partner schools and Bavarian universities.

  • Universities: universities in Bavaria (Germany), various fields
  • Scholarship award: partial funding, up to €425 per month
  • Eligibility:
    • Be from a German school abroad or a partner school
    • Be willing to start an undergraduate degree course at a Bavarian state or church university
  • Scholarship requirements:
    • Good German language skills
    • Professional achievement (certificates)
    • Motivation letter
    • A letter of recommendation
    • A commitment to society and an academic environment
  • Deadline: June

Bayer International Fellowships in Germany

Bayer Foundation works to improve the impact of science for the benefit of society.

  • Universities: various universities in Germany
  • Fields of study: Medical Sciences, Agricultural Sciences,Drug Discovery
  • Scholarship award: partial funding, up to €10,000
  • Eligibility:
    • All nationalities
    • Strong commitment to the fellowship program
    • Willing to work and study outside their home country
  • Scholarship requirements:
    • Confirmation letter from university
    • Transcript of grades
    • CV
    • Project proposal
  • Deadline: April