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Australian Student Visa: The Genuine Student (GS) Requirement

Australian student visa is changing, and as of March 23rd, 2024, students will be expected to meet the new Genuine Student (GS) requirement. Here's what you need to know.

Mar 21, 2024
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Australian Student Visa: Students

Australia's reputation as a top destination for international education is underscored by its world-class universities, diverse cultural landscape, and vibrant student life.

With the introduction of the Genuine Student (GS) requirement, effective from 23 March 2024, the Australian Department of Home Affairs has set a new benchmark for prospective international students aiming to pursue their studies down under.

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What is the Genuine Student (GS) requirement?

The Genuine Student requirement is designed to assess the authenticity of students' intentions to study in Australia.

The initiative aims to streamline the influx of incoming students and to open a pathway for them to permanently settle in Australia.

The GS requirement will replace the old Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) on March 23, 2024.

What's the difference between the GS requirement and the GTE?

There are two key differences between these requirements:

  • Targeted questions: The GS test has specific questions that you're expected to answer, unlike the GTE which had a more general statement of purpose.
  • Permanent residency focus: Unlike the GTE, which aimed to assess temporary intent, the GS criterion considers highly qualified applicants who wish to apply for permanent residence.
  • Assessment depth: The GS requirement demands more concrete evidence and a deeper understanding of the applicant’s reasons for studying in Australia, their course choice, and future benefits.

The Genuine Student (GS) criteria

The introduction of the GS requirement is meant to assess your overall personal circumstances in order to determine whether you're a genuine student.

To asses your genuine student status, the application form for your student visa will include questions on:

  • Your current life, work and financial circumstances
  • Why you chose your course at that specific institution
  • How the course will benefit your future
  • Any other relevant information that will support your story

The questions should be answered in English, and with a word limit of 150 per question.

You must support your claims with solid proof

You need to have documentation, screenshots, itineraries, and other complementary documents to prove that you're being genuine about your desire to study in Australia.

You'll need to attach these supporting documents to your ImmiAccount.

These documents include (but are not limited to):

  • Academic transcripts (with names of the education providers, length of study)
  • Certificates of education attainment
  • A complete history of study record(s) in Australia, if applicable
  • Details of your current employer, company address, your position, period of employment, contact details
  • Family and community circumstances
  • Financial circumstances in home country/country of residence
  • Situation in home country/country of residence (why you're not studying in your home country, ties to home country, military service commitments, political and civil unrest in home country...)
  • Immigration history, such as visa and travel history, visa applications, status of those applications, etc.
  • Any other relevant documents

Additional questions in some cases

You may need to answer additional questions if:

  • You've previously held a student visa
  • You're changing your non-student visa (i.e. work visa) to a student visa in order to pursue education in Australia

Practical tips for meeting the GS requirement

  • Be thorough and honest in your application.
  • Articulate clearly why you chose Australia as your study destination and how the selected course aligns with your future career goals.
  • Gather evidence meticulously to support every claim you make. You can make a checklist in order to make sure everything is accounted for.

A well-prepared application that thoughtfully addresses the GS criteria not only showcases your commitment to your studies but also your potential as an asset to the Australian community.


The Genuine Student requirement was introduced with the goal of maintaining the integrity of Australia's international education sector.

We encourage you to embrace this requirement as an opportunity to showcase your dedication to achieving your academic and professional aspirations in Australia.

With careful preparation and a focus on providing detailed, evidence-backed responses to the GS criteria, you can navigate the visa application process successfully.

For additional information and resources on the student visa application process and the Genuine Student requirement, you can consult the Australian Department of Home Affairs website and even seek personalized advice from educational consultants or Australian educational institutions.

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