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Best Blogs for College Students

Overwhelmed by information? Don’t know where to look first? Rest easy—we’ve catalogued the seven best blogs for college students—that’s you—right here. That’s right—lucky seven. Let’s take a closer look.

Sep 6, 2023
  • Student Tips
Best Blogs for College Students

There’s an unwavering, growing amount of information out there. To read it all is insurmountable.

Looking for a way to sift through it all and find some useful information that pertains to you? Let’s take a look at the best blogs for you—a college student. Don’t worry—we’ve broken them down by theme for you.

To Find a Job

1. Lindsey Pollack: Millennial Workplace Expert

Lindsey Pollack is widely heralded as the expert in the multigenerational workplace. She writes the rules on how young professionals succeed in today’s world of work.

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On her blog, she writes about everything from disarming stereotypes of the millennial generation to LinkedIn resources that might be useful.

If you’re looking for insight on how to begin your job search and what to look for, check out Pollack’s work. You won’t be disappointed.

To Improve Your Study Habits

2. Study Hacks

Cal Newport, an associate professor of computer science at George University, started a blog on staying focused in a distracted, digital world.

An acclaimed writer, Newport’s Study Hacks offers advice and perspective on social media, alone time, and healthy approaches to incorporating technology into your life. He cautions against the technology addiction so that you can focus on the “deep work” of studying—or whatever it is you do. Check it out.

3. Thriving Writer

This blog is helpful because it offers you tips on writing from start to finish. From the conception of an idea to putting it paper, to revising, proofreading, and editing, Thriving Writer will help improve your writing, increase your vocabulary and get up to speed in the world of college writing and beyond.

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To Read About Campus Life

4. CollegeCures

Want to buy a car? How about find the latest app to keep you on track? Make new friends? Read up on the latest health issue? Find out about the hip new fitness craze? Thinking about moving to an off-campus apartment? Healthy eating? Tips on that nagging lab report?

CollegeCures has all of that—and more. If you want a go-to for anything related to living on a campus, it’s worth a look.

5. DormDelicious

Looking for a place to learn about all things dorm life? DormDelicious has it all. Find out the best ways to maximize your meal plan, where to buy school supplies, how to navigate campus without a car, how to deal with roommates, and what you absolutely must do to get some much-needed privacy.

To Manage Your Money

6. Studenomics

If you’re spending money without really thinking about it, you’re probably starting to get worried.Get your finances and your savings plan under control and read Studenomics, an economic guide for students written by a debt-free college grad who wants to help you avoid being broke throughout your 20s.

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Want to go on trips, see the world, have a good time, get a great job, eat at fun restaurants, and save some money?

Ever hear of a 401k? Read Studenomics.

7. PoorerThanYou

Stephonee, a professional blogger who had to drop out of college because she ran out of money, created Poorer Than You, a savings guide for millennials ten years ago. She’s still going.

What does she do? She tells you how to save money you didn’t even think you had. Retirement savings, IRAs, Roth accounts, SEP accounts, and personal budgeting, Stephonee takes you through the paces. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Read her blog and learn.

She also gives monthly updates of her net worth—something you can learn to do on your own. Why should you? Because someday, you’ll be out of college and have to make it financially on your own.