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3 reasons to study for a Bachelor's Degree in a Nordic Country

Nordic countries are a popular choice for international students wanting to study for a Bachelor's degree. We'll share why Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Iceland are great study destinations.

Apr 22, 2024
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Where are the Nordic countries?

The Nordic countries are a group in northern Europe comprising Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, and Iceland. These countries historically have a shared history and culture and collaborate politically through the Nordic Council.

There is a distinction between the region known as Scandinavia, which is made up of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

1. Study for a Bachelor's degree in a Nordic country for low or free tuition costs

Students can complete a Bachelor's degree at a public university in Finland and Norway free of charge, no matter where they come from.

Students pay a small fee in Norway of roughly US$50-100 per semester, which covers access to campus sports facilities, health services, and discounted prices on public transport and cultural activities.

You can study for a Bachelor's degree in Denmark and Sweden for free if you meet the following criteria:

  • An EU citizen
  • An EEA citizen
  • A participant in an exchange program
  • A citizen of Switzerland

Although tuition fees are free in public universities in Iceland, you will need to pay a small application and registration fees. Private universities in Iceland have relatively modest fees in international comparison.

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2. Bachelor's students can enjoy a lively student life in Nordic countries

As well as free or value-for-money tuition fees, the Nordic countries have some of the best universities in the world, cultured cities, and awe-inspiring scenery, making it a lucrative choice for international Bachelor's students.

All the major cities in northern Europe have distinct personalities, so it's wise to do your homework before deciding on the country and city to study. Oslo, Stockholm, Reykjavik, Copenhagen, and Helsinki have a huge youth and international student population.

Top cities to study for a Bachelor's degree in:

3. Employment options after graduation

International Bachelor's students in Nordic countries can work part-time in retail or hospitality, or organizations related to their field of study.

If you decide to stay post-graduation and find work locally, you'll have access to a thriving economy, though it will be much easier if you are proficient in the country's language. Learning the local language during your Bachelor's program would be smart, even if your course is taught in English.

Average salaries in Nordic countries

Studying for a Bachelor's degree in a Nordic country will provide you with an excellent education and a high quality of life, surrounded by students worldwide. You'll study surrounded by nature's awe-inspiring landscapes and get to know a new culture, all for minimal tuition.