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May 16, 2018 at 12:00am ET By G. John Cole

High school students with a flair for science or mathematics who are thinking about what to do next should look towards an up-and-coming field: modeling and data science.

Employers in data science, cybersecurity, economic and financial engineering, artificial intelligence, and quantum technology are looking for digital natives with the tools to design the future of a changing world.

What are modeling and data science?

Modeling is a means of investigating real-world scenarios through the creation of simplified replicas. The simplification process aids understanding of a problem by leaving out factors that might complicate the investigation because those factors are irrelevant or impractical.

A traditional example of a ‘model’ would be a fold-out roadmap. Today, we can learn invaluable lessons about the world around us by creating digital models with vast amounts of data.

However, all that data can be unwieldy by itself. That’s where data science comes in. Data science involves the harnessing, processing, and analysis of digital information, and broadly speaking it includes the modeling stage. A data scientist uses all that information (data analysis) and creates systems (machine learning and algorithms) to optimize the way the models function. This kind of analysis and response is incredibly useful for businesses, governments, and other agencies.

Model developers and data scientists are the left and right hand of these processes. Knowing both areas intimately is more efficient, and of significant advantage to a professional. Like any form of science, a firm grip on the fundamentals is essential if you’re to excel with the advanced stuff.

Why should you study in this field?

Big data is perhaps the buzzword of the decade – and data science will continue to be a defining discipline of the 21st century. Data is changing the face of business and of most other sectors, and it’s changing how things are done behind the scenes, too. In fact, there is a shortage of data scientists right now, as businesses struggle to keep up with this forward-looking area.

That makes it a ‘seller's market.' A good data scientist can be choosy about the job they take and work in any sector that interests them since data science is being widely adopted across the industries. They are unlikely to struggle to find work in the future.

Study in France near its most famous city: Paris

University Paris Seine is a consortium of 15 higher education and research institutions, hosting more than 37,000 students working in a large spectrum of scientific fields.

UCP, ESSEC, EISTI and ENSEA, members of Paris Seine, joined forces to

develop a four-year high standard program that meets the demands of today's changing world: the International Bachelor Ygrec.

It’s the chance of a lifetime to study near Paris, one of the most desirable cities in the world, since classes are taken in English. International students are made very welcome, and will benefit from a ‘prépas’-inspired education – the French pedagogical system that’s designed to usher graduates into the top universities, or Grandes Écoles, of France. This programme is designed for students with strong academic skills in high school, especially in Mathematics and Science

The program also features conferences and workshops on contemporary issues, while company internships at the end of each year prepare students for the world of work, providing them with international experience and connections.

The programme also provides international mobility (academic, placements) and prepares for work in environments using both French and English. It’s hard work but a fine way to rise to the standard required for a promising career in modeling and data science!

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