Picture it: idyllic beaches, surfing lessons, a world-class yoga scene, and a low cost of living on a tropical island, all while you’re studying to get a double bachelor’s degree!

Planning to study abroad? Put Bali at the top of your list. One of the most popular tourist hotspots in the world with millions of visitors each year, Bali expects to see at least 18 million tourists by 2020. It’s more than just a place for tourists, though. It’s a place for students, too.

Often called “the island of the gods,” this Indonesian island offers an exotic paradise with beaches, surfing, volcanoes, jungles, waterfalls, and religious temples. The people are great, the culture is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, and there are great study abroad opportunities.

Take a look at these six reasons to study in Bali and one great place to study there.

1. The Culture

Hinduism and traditional Balinese customs not only imbue the dance, drama, and sculpture with its own special feel, but daily life, too.

Nearly every town in Bali boasts beautiful temples, skilled gamelan players, and talented artists.

Art such as paintings and sculptures are crafted in many villages in Bali. Dances also play a central role in Balinese culture, too. Intricate dances tell dramatic stories. Young dancers start before they can read, and official lessons start as young as seven years old.

The language is also fascinating. Bahasa Bali is the local language that Balinese use in everyday life and you'll also hear Bahasa Indonesia in most tourist areas. However, you will also be able to get by with English in most areas.

2. The People

Ask any traveler to Bali about the people and they will almost certainly mention the friendly people. They’re hospitable, welcoming to tourists, and always up for a conversation at the market or food stalls.

Culture Trip reports reports that in addition to their overall warmth and sociability, they are patient, polite, helpful, humble, and excited to share their traditional heritage with you.

Bali, like Indonesia as a whole, is a diverse place in its culture, religion, customs, and opinions. As long as you show respect, you’ll get along just fine.

3. Opportunities for exploration of the natural world

Bali is perhaps one of the most stunning tropical places on the planet. From a roadtrip through a rainforest to a beautiful beach in the south, Bali has it all. Hike a volcano, explore a waterfall, go for an underwater snorkel, or just watch a sunset…Bali has it all!

4. It’s affordable

It’s relatively inexpensive. A student can expect to get by on about $650-$1700 per month, including rent, transportation, food, and other activities. If you want to be in the thick of the tourist world, you can expect to pay slightly more. But if you live with the locals and ride a bike everywhere, you will be just fine and spend a lot less money.

5. Delightful climate

It’s delightful if you like hot weather. It’s tropical year-round, with average temperatures in the 80s, while the centre of the island, in the mountains, is a bit cooler.

6. Great travel opportunities for exploring Indonesia as well as Southeast Asia!

The Indonesian archipelago has over 17,000 islands. You can explore any of the neighboring islands like Lombok or the Gilis pretty easily. Fancy a sailing trip? Head over to the Komodo islands, home to Komodo dragons! And while you are in Indonesia, you can also visit its neighbouring countries within the Southeast Asia region. 

One place to do it all!

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