Undergraduate Optotechnology


Program Description

At the Department of "Laser and Optoelectronic Systems" (RL-2) MSTU. N.E. Bauman is training specialists to work on the creation and operation of laser and optoelectronic devices, as well as integrated technical systems for various purposes, incorporating optoelectronic devices.

The department prepares technical specialists for all qualification levels of modern higher professional education: bachelors, masters and engineers. Graduate students of the department are trained specialists focused on the acquisition of the highest qualifications for effective and fruitful work in universities, research institutes and industry.

At present, the department of RL-2 is preparing used bachelors of engineering and technology in the direction of 12.03.02 “Optotechnics ”.

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During the training, students are trained in the following basic courses:

  • The basics of optics;
  • Physical foundations of quantum electronics;
  • Nonlinear optics;
  • Theory of optoelectronic systems;
  • Digital optoelectronics;
  • Electronics and microprocessor technology;
  • Applied Optics;
  • Sources and receivers of radiation;
  • Physical fundamentals of lasers;
  • Laser technology;
  • Integral and fiber optics;
  • Digital image processing.

Optional training in the areas of:

  • Optoelectronic information-measuring and tracking devices and systems;
  • Laser optoelectronic systems;
  • Laser information-measuring systems;
  • Environmental monitoring;
  • Optical communication systems, locations and information processing;
  • Optoelectronic devices and security systems;
  • Laser vision systems;
  • Laser location systems.


Graduates of the department are widely in demand and successfully work at the enterprises of Rostec, Roskosmos, Rosatom, Rusnano, in the commercial sector, in foreign companies and universities engaged in research in the field of laser and optical-electronic instrumentation.

Many graduates of the department of RL-2 became famous scientists, major industry leaders.

To participate in the competition for a budget / paid form of study, you must:

  • Unified State Exam in Physics,
  • USE in mathematics (profile),
  • USE in Russian.

List of documents required for participation in the competition

Applicants to the 1st year of MSTU. N.E. Bauman is provided with the following documents to the selection committee:

  • Applications (filled out at the University) addressed to the Rector on acceptance of documents, participation in the competition (the areas of training / specialty selected for training are indicated in the Application in the priority order for the applicant) and consent to enrollment subject to passing through the competition ;
  • consent to the processing of personal data (filled out at the University);
  • present a passport , and also provide a copy of it (turns 2 and 3 with personal data);
  • the original document of the established form on education / or a copy of it (for the following categories of applicants, the original is immediately necessary: those who are admitted for the targeted admission; with special admission rights without entrance examinations, to places within a special (10%) quota);
  • copies of diplomas of winners or prize-winners of schoolchildren’s olympiads, giving special rights to admission without entrance examinations or to participate in the competition with the highest possible score of 100 points in a subject corresponding to the profile of the olympiad;
  • copies of documents confirming the possible presence of applicants' rights: for admission according to the results of entrance tests conducted by MSTU im. N.E. Bauman alone; for admission to places within a special (10%) quota; preemptive right of enrollment;
  • copies of documents confirming that applicants have individual achievements, evaluated by additional points;
  • for applicants for targeted admission - an agreement on targeted education between an applicant and a government body of the Russian Federation, local government, institution, enterprise;
  • 6 photos 3x4 (required - for those who pass exams conducted by MSTU named after N.E.Bauman independently);
  • (optionally) a registered certificate / military ID (for young people);
  • (preferably) SNILS - Insurance number of an individual personal account
  • other documents, the presentation of which is in the interests of applicants.
Last updated Apr 2020

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