Undergraduate Operation and maintenance of oil production facilities


Program Description

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Program description:

The graduating department is the development and exploitation of oil and gas fields. The competitive advantages of this educational program over other VO HEs consist in the presence in sufficient proximity to the educational services center (SKFU) of a large number of production and design enterprises of oil-producing profile, which makes it possible to involve the employees of these enterprises in the implementation of educational activities, and also allows for the actual educational activities are more effectively focused on the actual needs of potential employers spruce.

The purpose of the program:

Professional training of graduates in accordance with the level of development of technology and technology in the field of fuel energy, including the development of deposits, transportation and storage of hydrocarbons, the formation of a technically competent, socially responsible person.

Formation of a highly qualified, competent specialist demanded on the labor market, able to make a positive contribution to the development of the oil and gas industry of the main oil and gas producing regions of Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries.

In the field of education, the overall objectives of this educational program are the formation of students' social and personal qualities: dedication, organization, diligence, responsibility, citizenship, communication, tolerance, and an increase in their common culture.

Required disciplines:

  • Basics of Oil and Gas Business / Introduction to Oil-and-Gas Engineering (1 semester);
  • Geology / Geology (1 semester);
  • Oil and Gas Geology / Oil-and-Gas Geology (3 semester);
  • Hydraulics and Oil and Gas Hydromechanics / Hydraulics and Petroleum Fluid Mechanics (4 semester);
  • Methods of Applied Mathematics in the Oil and Gas Business / Methods of Applied Mathematics in Oil-and-Gas Engineering / (4 semester);
  • Formation Physics (4 semester);
  • Hydraulic machines and compressors in oil and gas business / Hydraulic machinery and compressors in Oil-and-Gas Engineering (4 semester);

Graduation disciplines:

  • Development and operation of oil fields (5.6 semesters);
  • Oil production (5.6 semesters);
  • Basics of well development (6 semester);
  • Labor protection and organization at oil and gas production facilities (7 semester);
  • Technology overhaul and maintenance of wells (7 semester);
  • Development and operation of offshore fields (7 semester);
  • Methods to increase the productivity of oil wells (7 semester);
  • Collecting and preparing oil in the fields (7.8 semesters).

Optional disciplines:

  • Hydraulics of multiphase flows in oil production (5 semester);
  • Geophysical monitoring of existing oil wells (5 semester);
  • Gas hydrodynamic reservoir studies (6 semester);
  • Oil and gas field equipment (6 semester);
  • Equipment for workover and well maintenance (7 semester);
  • Organization and bases of production management at the enterprises of the oil industry (8 semester);
  • Automation of production processes of field development (8 semester);
  • Operation of installations for the preparation of downhole products of oil fields (8 semester).

Each course provides practice:

  • 1 course - introductory practice / Introductory practical training;
  • 2 course - educational practice / Practical training;
  • 3 course - technological practice;
  • 4th year - pre-diploma practice.

Partner organizations involved in the implementation of this educational program of higher education:

LLC RN - Stavropolneftegaz (Neftekumsk), LLC Gazprom Designing (Stavropol), LLC NPO NefteKhimProekt (Stavropol).

Last updated Aug 2020

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