Undergraduate Course in Fashion Marketing


Program Description

Those involved in marketing in the fashion industry have a deep understanding of the system, processes, methods, and materials. They know how to read the industry and the market and uses their skills to become an important point of connection between the company and the target.

The Undergraduate course in Fashion Marketing addresses the cultural issues, techniques, and methodologies necessary to build an innovative strategic marketing and communication project, with particular attention to the digital world, social media, and the challenges of ethics and sustainability. Much of the teaching deals with the theme of marketing intended both as a communication tool for the brand and the product and as a study discipline applied to market logic.

Undergraduate Course in Fashion Marketing Florence


Communicate fashion means being able to plan and manage integrated communication strategies, set up advertising campaigns, coordinate the relationship with media and the other player of the sector, organize events and shows, take care of public relations but above all develop launch plans for products, designers and fashion brands.

Methodology and structure

The aim of the study path is to explain how to read fashion understanding all the elements through its cultural, historical, and social signs, the extension of its meaning in the market in relation to analysis, positioning, distribution, identity, brand, and consumer in addition to the typical methods and languages of communication for the web and new media, trends and style evolutions.

During the three years course, the teaching supports a qualitative and quantitative approach to marketing, intended as an instrument of narration and communication of the brand and product and as a discipline of study and measurement applied to market logic. Specific notions and tools such as market research and analysis, business plans, budgeting, relational and viral marketing, consumer psychology and brand analysis, help to understand fashion as a system of trends and needs, and to propose a product, consumer, and the sector analysis.

The aim of the course is to develop the necessary skills and a contemporary approach to the challenges and complexities of the fashion system and its culture, responding to the needs of autonomy and critical attitude, innovation, and quality, connected to the design of an organic and complete marketing plan.

Professional Perspectives

Brand and Communication Specialist, Merchandising Specialist, Product Manager, Fashion Buyer, Retail & Store Specialist, Digital Coordinator.

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About the School

Florence boasts one of the world most important artistic and cultural heritage, but it is also a city with a long history in Italian design.

Florence boasts one of the world most important artistic and cultural heritage, but it is also a city with a long history in Italian design. Read less