Training in Fashion Styling is just like the trades she is preparing for.

Step 1

Discover the techniques of fashion, experiment the basics of artistic curiosity, develop creative abilities.

2nd step

To be accompanied in the draft of his ambitions, with collections coming closer and closer to the expectations of the professional environment.

Step 3

Optimize your personal file during the year of internships organized in the Studio Berçot network.

In 3 years, knowing how to build a complete collection and realize what we drew. Have the ability to adapt to professional integration.

Training in fashion design professions focuses on 3 years: Two years of practical and theoretical courses, a third professional insertion personalized

Year 1

  • Build and prepare a collection,
  • How to document,
  • Fashion sketch,
  • Textile design: from composition to models, introduction to screen printing,
  • Nude drawing,
  • History of art and costume,
  • News and fashion image (press reviews and parade analysis),
  • Exhibition visits, cinema sessions, ...
  • Volume and flat cut, sewing,
  • Textile: understanding and making the fabric,
  • Embellishment of the material (mesh, crochet, embroidery),
  • Introduction to the basics of pao, graphics, osx spreadsheets,
  • Assessment of the skills of each student organized quarterly.

Passage in the second year

Each student is received by a jury of professors and invited professionals.

Year 2

  • Implementation of First Year achievements in the form of personal collections developed with, and judged by, professors,
  • Fashion illustration: developing a personal graphic identity,


  • History and fashion news,
  • Workshops and interventions by specialized professionals,
  • History of art and costume,
  • Cutting volume, development of personal paintings,


  • Deepening of mesh and embroidery techniques,
  • Assessment of the skills of each student organized quarterly.


Transition to third year

Constitution of the Porte Folio of each student for professional applications and competitions.

Year 3

Orient and organize the professional integration of the student in the form of internships conventioned in the network of Studio Berçot . According to the evolution of the nature of the internships, update the Porte Folio during individual interview (s) with each student.

Ps. As part of the twinning with the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, two students are selected each year by Studio Berçot to complete a nine-month training supplement.

Program taught in:
  • French
Last updated March 27, 2019
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