Technosphere Safety - profile "transport security"


Program Description

In contrast to the narrow professional direction students learn as road and road facilities, technology, engineering methods to ensure their environmental, traffic, industrial, anti-terrorism security, as well as methods for monitoring, auditing, security management. In the curriculum of training in this area is fully implemented noksologicheskaya training methodology provides for the implementation of risk management of complex safety of the public transport in emergency situations (ES) of natural, technological and social. In preparation realized tested abroad (USA, Germany, Great Britain, Israel) and in Russia, as well as by staff of the Department in the implementation of R & D (the annual volume of more than 10 million. rub.) original methods, technologies, software packages for computers.

Practice & Employment

Professional activity of graduates direction "Technosphere safety" associated with organizatsionnoupravlencheskoy, design, expertise, oversight, the inspector-auditor, research work in the field of safety in road transport and in the road sector (AT and DH). These include: development of tools and methods to minimize the negative impact of AT and DH on the natural and social environment in major cities and metropolitan areas, environmentally sensitive areas; prevention and liquidation of emergency situations of natural, technogenic and social issues arising from acts of legal intervention, including terrorist orientation on AT and DH.

Last updated Jul 2015