Technology of transport processes - profile «Organization and traffic safety"


Program Description

During training, students receive theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the following areas: development of new approaches and improve conditions constructive safety of vehicles; Development and introduction of elements of passive safety of vehicles; development of effective methods and software for education and training of drivers; improving techniques and equipment, reassignments to investigate causes of accidents; development and implementation of automated traffic management systems (ATMS); Simulation of traffic flows to developing long-term plans of building urban areas.

Practice & Employment

Acquisition of technical knowledge and practical skills in demand management for:

  • design organizations in solving urban problems of road maintenance needs and traffic management;
  • as a system integrator for the implementation and operation of intelligent transport systems (ITS);
  • Service road safety, transport inspection, MOE authorities, traffic police, etc .;
  • in investment and consulting companies of various sectors of the economy and transport planning;
  • in the expert institutions of the Ministry of Justice and the specialized agencies, audit offices on the road transport safety;
  • institutions and centers of expertise autotechnical;
  • in the Ministry of Transport of the Transport Inspection;
  • insurance companies.
Last updated Mar 2020

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