The major of "TCSOL" refers to the teaching of Chinese to non-Chinese speakers all over the world, known as “Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages”.

TCSOL is a language learning subject that focuses on non-Chinese speakers’ learn or teach Chinese as a second language or a foreign language. It is an optimal choice for students who love Chinese culture and the career of education and are eager to study Chinese traditional cultures and promote it in their own countries.

Students could access the courses involving Chinese traditional culture, arts and learn about cross-cultural communication. Students could access the Chinese classical thinking, research the traditional cultures and history so that they could gain an insight into the core value of Chinese culture and integrate them with their Chinese teaching activities.

Based on linguistics, psychology, education, and cross-culture communications, guided by theories of Chinese teaching, TCSOL is a practical researching subject with its basic content as course designing, textbook editing, class teaching and evaluating. It aims at cultivating international, comprehensive and practical talents who can promote Chinese language and culture.

The graduates of TCSOL will obtain a bachelor’s degree. Graduates will acquire a solid foundation of Chinese language and master the knowledge of Chinese literature, culture and cross-culture communication skills. They could continue their study for master’s degree in China or abroad, participate in oversea internships, start a business or work as oversea Chinese language teachers, etc.

Major Courses:

Modern Chinese, Ancient Chinese, Introduction to Linguistics, Chinese and Foreign Literature, Second Language Acquisition, Applied Linguistics, English Listening and Speaking, Chinese Traditional Culture, World Cultures, Cross-cultural Communication, International Chinese Teaching and Training, Guqin, Taiji, etc.

Career Opportunities:

Students in this major could continue their study in graduate schools or study abroad for their master’s degree. Some students can also have the International Chinese Teacher Certificate and teaching Chinese in other countries. Moreover, positions are available in Chinese language-related institutes, organizations or companies.

XAIU has an International Students Education Office, in charge of teaching Chinese to international students. Graduates from this major could intern at this Office or other cooperating institutions, such as Northwest University--Shaanxi International Association for Chinese Language Education(China), Northwest University Authentication Center for “International Chinese Teacher Certificate” (China), Innovation Language Institute (Thailand), Chinese First Institute (Singapore), Yeungnam College of Science & Technology (Korea), etc.

Study Duration:

The duration of study for the Program is four years, which can be prolonged to a maximum of six years.


Students study at South Campus (Main Campus) of Xi’an International University.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation certificates will be issued and will be conferred upon the B.A. degree when students fulfil the requirements as follow:

  • Fulfill the stipulated curriculum;
  • Acquired enough credits;
  • Completed the thesis on Chinese language;
  • Passed Band 6 of HSK;
  • The other relevant requirements.

Note: Students with HSK 5 do not have to start the study from the first year. Before the study, students need to take a placement test to decide which grade they will be in.

Entry Requirements

Applicants for undergraduate programs should have finished senior high school and be at the age of 18 - 45 and healthy. The score for the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) should be grade 4 or above (180 scores) for science, new grade 5 or above (180 scores) for humanity, economics, and management.

Required Materials

  • High school certificate (students from non-Chinese spoken countries should give a verified English or Chinese version copy)
  • Completed International Student Application Form;
  • High school official transcript (students from non-English spoken countries should give a verified English or Chinese version copy);
  • Passport Signature Page Copy (the page with head photo).
Program taught in:
  • Chinese
  • English (US)

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Last updated September 16, 2019
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Sep 2020
4 - 6 years
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May 30, 2020
Fall Semester. Spring Semester - November 30th.
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Start Date
Sep 2020
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Application deadline
May 30, 2020
Fall Semester. Spring Semester - November 30th.

Sep 2020

Application deadline
May 30, 2020
Fall Semester. Spring Semester - November 30th.
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