Suppliers - Profile "service vehicles"


Program Description

The students get acquainted with the laws of the global automotive market, technology, sales process and after-sales service of motor vehicles and equipment. The study questions of psychology, relationships with customers and staff, the organization of business processes avtoobsluzhivayuschih enterprises. Special attention is paid to the business planning and pricing in this area. Key subjects of the curriculum is servisologiya linking economic, psychological and technical issues. The study design of modern cars is mandatory for all educational trajectories of this profile. With great interest the students learn discipline: psycho-diagnostics, basics of wireless communication, information technology in the service, marketing and other service.

Practice & Employment

As a further education students can qualify interpreter in professional communications, qualifications of the appraiser on the motor sector, qualification certificates of different manufacturers of cars. Graduated from the faculty in this field can work in leadership positions at service stations, companies selling vehicles and spare parts, representative manufacturers of vehicles and their components.

Last updated Jul 2015

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