Specialty: "Biology" (direction - research and teaching activities)

Specializations: Botany, geobotany, Zoology, Human and Animal Physiology, Biochemistry

Qualifications: Biologist.Teacher of Biology and Chemistry

Duration of training: 4 years full-time education

5-year, part-time form of education (Correspondence School)

The specialist is: to work in all kinds of middle and secondary special educational institutions in the qualve teacher of biology and chemistry in research, scientific, industrial, industrial establishments and enterprises of all forms of ownership, preserves, botanical and zoological gardens, specialty and natural history museums, biologicallystations and centers.

Practice Areas:

  • pedagogical work;
  • teaching activities;
  • scientific research;
  • organizational and administrative work;
  • Expert and analytical work
  • work in nature reserves, sanctuaries, botanical gardens, zoological museums, biological and breeding stations and centers.

Businesses and organizations for the distribution of graduates:

- Institutions and organizations of the Ministry of Education of Belarus.

Note: Professionals who have a high level of basic scientific, general professional knowledge and expertise, can work in forensics, customs, factory and other laboratories on the profile of the specialty

Occupation: Foresttion economy

Specializations: silviculture

Qualifications: Forestry Engineer

Duration of training: 4.5 years full-time education

5.5 years, part-time form of education (Correspondence School)

4.5 years, part-time reducedform of education (Correspondence School)

A shorter period of training graduates are accepted, received secondary special education in "Forestry, Gomel State Technical College and the Vitebsk Stateennogo College of Technology.

The specialist is: to work in enterprises of forestry, forest management companies and certification services, scientific research, production and commercial and educational institutions, national parks and nature reserves, forest huntingx farms, factories side forest.

Practice Areas:

  • development and implementation of technology of cultivation and planting seed in forest nurseries and forest seed farms
  • conducting experimental work on reforestation and forest growing;
  • forest inventory and the development of organizational principles of forestry in forest management;
  • development of technology and equipment and intermediate felling forests, lesovosstanovleniya and land reclamation;
  • development of technology and the organization of forest protection against pests, diseases and fires;
  • development of technology and the organization of a side and other types of forest that are not part of the main and intermUse wood-screw;
  • organization of forestry production, taking into account forest economic and lesoekologicheskih conditions;
  • management and organization of forest and hunting management;
  • environmental certification of forests and forest growing systems.

Businesses and organizations for the distribution of graduates:

- Institutions and organizations of the Ministry of Forestry.

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