The course

In a world transformed by the communication technologies, the consequences of information transmission impact almost every aspect of our lives. The course of Social Communication - Journalism Ibmec in Rio de Janeiro prepares the professional to work in the market is today and what is turning. So it is the only degree in Journalism in Rio de Janeiro to be evaluated with maximum score for MEC. The course offers a wide range of electives so that the student can direct his training with autonomy and solid theoretical and practical basis, is to work in media, corporate communications, social media and entrepreneurship. A training aimed to understand the value of communication in a democratic and globalized society. Since the processes of production, distribution and funding news to his role in the functioning of the market.

The strong Ibmec's business DNA offers the proximity to other areas of knowledge that can complement the training of the journalist's career. The student can also act from the first semester in junior companies, as the agency 217, formed by students from the area of ​​communication and marketing in order to solve problems in innovative ways to their customers, and the code-Content on Demand, where journalism students take cover Ibmec events and other external events, such as FLIP 2013.

Ibmec believes in excellence dedicated to providing practical set of additional activities that further the development of marketing skills and a spirit of collaboration and integration. In Entrepreneurship and Internationalisation Centre - CIS, students can work in companies from the first half and enjoy the international coverage through agreements in over 54 institutions worldwide.

Job market

VEHICLE COMMUNICATION production and editing of news and articles in print media outlets, radio, television and online. Participation of event coverage. Content editing and coordination teams of journalists.

CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS Office of Communication, the press service, preparation of releases and corporate announcements, development and internal and corporate communication planning run.

NEW MEDIA construction sites and content portals, relationship by social networks, production and implementation of programs for online broadcast as videos and podcasts.

MARKETING Management of brands and products, customer service, development of public relations policies and corporate communication guidelines with the market.

UNIVERSITIES professor and researcher at colleges and educational and research institutes.

Program taught in:
  • Portuguese (Brazil)

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This course is Campus based
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3480 hours
- Fee: R $ 2,430.00
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