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Graduation in Ibmec Law deals with the law in full encourage students to work interconnection among its various branches and also its connection to other areas such as Economics and International Relations. The student absorbs the expertise necessary for a legal professional at the same time it is prepared to discuss in depth all reality that surrounds it.

Ibmec encourages its students to explore in practice the creation of new concepts and ideas making it a resilient professional and adaptable to different segments. Skills such as leadership and entrepreneurship are worked throughout the course through internships, extension projects and a methodology that makes the teacher, in a systematic way, discuss the applications of law.

Excellence focused practice-oriented part of the curriculum of the Faculty of Law Ibmec, with operations in Legal Practice Center Evandro Lins e Silva. Through the free service to people who do not have the financial means to pay the court costs and attorneys' fees, the student has contact with the reality of the judiciary, drafting pleadings, attending parties, carrying out forensic activities and attending hearings. In Entrepreneurship and Internationalisation Centre - CIS, students can work in junior companies from the first half and enjoy the international coverage through agreements in over 54 institutions worldwide.

Job market

CAREERS PUBLIC AREA LEGAL Judiciary, Public Defender, Public Ministry (prosecutor and prosecutor of Justice), legal advice, local authorities law, public enterprises, joint stock companies, among others.

ADVOCACY Advocacy companies and law firms that operate in different areas of law, such as civil, criminal, administrative, labor, intellectual property, international, etc.

DIPLOMACY The competition for admission to the diplomatic service requires extensive knowledge of the various branches of legal knowledge. The course of law is therefore one of the options most suitable for the formation of the future diplomat.

POLITICAL CAREER The law school provides interested in pursuing a political career more knowledge about the structure of the state, public policies and the functioning of the legislative process, enabling the formation of more capable politicians technical and socially, which may act under the legislative or executive.

UNIVERSITIES professor and researcher at colleges and institutes legal education and research.

Program taught in:
  • Portuguese (Brazil)

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4580 hours
2,850 BRL
Fee: R $ 2,850.00
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