Students interested in an education that emphasizes an understanding of human behavior should consider a major in psychology. Psychology as a major/minor can lead to a broad range of career possibilities. An education that focuses on behavior principles is valuable for anyone whose future involves interacting with others.

Psychologists pursue careers in such areas as clinical services, health services, business, industry, testing, education, and behavioral research. There are plenty of career opportunities for students with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, particularly in the areas of social work, healthcare, business, and human resources. Career opportunities in some specializations may require a master’s degree, while career opportunities in others require a doctorate. Therefore, students should take time to examine their own interests, values, and goals in addition to job requirements and career options in their area of interest before embarking on an educational journey in psychology.

The Department of Psychology offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Psychology. A student has the option of completing a General or Applied Psychology concentration. Students may graduate with departmental distinction in either program. Both concentrations require students to take an introductory course in psychology, as well as courses in research methods and statistics.

The General Psychology concentration is appropriate for students who want to emphasize psychology within the context of a general liberal arts education. This concentration provides students with a strong base of knowledge for understanding the theories and scientific method of psychology. Many students choose this concentration when they are considering continuing their education beyond the bachelor’s level, but students go to graduate school from either concentration.

The Applied Psychology concentration is designed to give a student not only a strong base in the core curriculum of psychology but also an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field. Students in the Applied Psychology concentration take an additional 8 credit hours as described on the Applied Psychology Concentration page.

Students may graduate with Distinction, High Distinction, or Highest Distinction in either the Applied or General concentrations. Students who are considering attending graduate school should consider following the program for majoring with Distinction, High Distinction, or Highest Distinction. See below for details.

BA with a Major in Psychology

Majors in Psychology must complete a concentration in either General Psychology or Applied Psychology.

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