Power engineering - profile "internal combustion engines"


Program Description

The purpose of training on the profile - Luxury basic training for internal combustion engines, individual training in the field of internal combustion engines with a focus on the areas of testing, research, service and diagnostics, the environment (toxicity, noise and vibration). In addition to the traditionally important component of the research seriously worked on high-level scientific and technical issues of service and diagnostics of modern engines based on microprocessor technology. In addition to studying core subjects, students have the opportunity to receive further training in marketing and foreign language - now it is one of the mandatory requirements of employers who offer jobs to graduates of MADI. A number of courses are taught by leading specialists from Russia, developing electronic control systems ICE dealing with environmental transport, electrical and diagnostics of modern automobiles.

Practice & Employment

Practical training of students is carried out in the department, in the problematic laboratories transport engines and self-supporting scientific and industrial laboratory dedicated to maintenance and repair of internal combustion engines of foreign cars with a specialization in BMW. Students of the department participate in scientific work on promising areas (management of the internal combustion engine, the power supply system, including the modification of gas internal combustion engine), including the leading producers of the country, practice at the station an authorized Mercedes-Benz. The department has a branch in the main scientific center of the Russian Federation us, which is undergoing testing of promising new engines and study foreign engine.

Last updated Jul 2015