Power and Electrical Engineering - profile "electric cars and tractors"


Program Description

After graduating from university in this area receive a bachelor's degree in the field of exploitation, research and testing of electrical and electronic equipment of vehicles. Electrical training of students is formed by studying such disciplines as "Theory of Electrical Engineering", "Automatic Control Theory", "Basics of electrotechnology", "Power Machines", "Electrical and electronic devices" and others. Students enrolled in the direction "Power and Electrical Engineering", independently designed and produced car with a combined power plant and electric. As members of the team "Formula Electric MADI" ("Formula Hybrid MADI"), engaged in the modernization of its developments, regularly and successfully participating in international competitions, along with Team USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Switzerland, China, India and other countries where occupy the highest places.

Practice & Employment

Students who graduated from the University in this direction may work for motor and car factories, service stations, factories, car and tractor manufacturing industry and Tractor Electrical Equipment kontrolnodiagnosticheskogo equipment, research institutes and various companies of motor and electrical systems.

Last updated Jul 2015