Personnel management - profile "Human resource management in the organization"


Program Description

Students enrolled in the direction "Personnel Management" master theoretical and practical competence in the field of personnel management and the implementation of modern human resources policies in the enterprise. Get professional knowledge in the area of ​​workforce planning, training and retraining, vocational guidance and adaptation, career management, motivation and incentives. To master the basic principles and methods of formation of personnel services, providing effective leadership, methods of recruitment (recruiting), human resource management in terms of restructuring of enterprises, as well as the transformation of the goals and objectives of the organization in the internal problems of each worker.

Practice & Employment

The need for training of bachelors in "Human Resource Management" is caused by the awareness of the importance to improve the quality of personnel management as a determinant of economic success of modern organizations. That staff is the key resource of the enterprise. From interests, behavior and activities of people, the extent of their involvement in the innovation process depends on the successful operation of the organization. Companies usually have specialized personnel departments, but an expanding range of functions employees require to enhance their professionalism.

Last updated Jul 2015

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