Direction of Pedagogy

Within the Pedagogy field, which integrates social sciences and the humanities, qualified teachers and educators are prepared, who will also be animators of social life, culture - its dissemination and development in the social environment. This contributes to the creation of new elites and social leaders. Direction prepares to work with people of all ages (children, adolescents, adults, older people), as well as diverse needs, meeting social expectations and pointing to the value of the difference, and the humanistic importance of supporting the weaker and requiring special educational activities. Through individualization, friendly atmosphere and material help, it creates favorable conditions for studying for adolescents and adults, especially those for whom access to large academic centers is impeded or impossible.

Specialties run during the study:

  • Early school and preschool pedagogy (PWiP)
  • Pedagogy of caring and resocialization (POiR)
  • Pedagogic tutoring with geragogy (care for the elderly) (POzG)
  • Elementary and integration education (EEiI)

tasks for the diploma examination in Pedagogy

Profile of graduate

The graduate of Pedagogy has basic pedagogical, historical-philosophical, sociological and psychological knowledge essential for understanding the socio-cultural context of education, upbringing and caring work and for shaping one's own professional development.

The graduate earns a basic vocational qualification depending on the chosen specialty:

Specialty: PWiP

  • as a teacher - as a teacher training teacher in kindergartens, elementary schools in grades 1-3, local government educational institutions, school and community centers, jordan gardens, family children's homes and professional foster families, as an assistant family in the municipality.

Specialty: POI

  • as a child home educator, caregiver, community day care centers, multifunctional care and education centers and institutions such as Youth Education Center, Youth Sickness Center, Juvenile Shelter, Correctional Institution, Detention Center, Criminal Division.

Specialty: POZG

  • as a pedagogue and school educator, as an educator in educational institutions (day centers, dormitories, dormitories), in subordinate offices of the Minister of National Education (clubs, associations, etc.), in the subordinate offices of the Ministry of Labor and Welfare (24/7 support centers for children as well as in secular, religious, non-governmental, private, home and institutionalized forms of assistance to seniors and their families (day homes, senior clubs, interest groups, self-help groups) .

Specialty: EEiI

  • as a teacher of classes and integration units in kindergartens, a support teacher in grades 1-3, a teacher of special schools and kindergartens, a teacher of individual education with students with specific educational needs, in educational centers, therapeutic centers, rehabilitation centers, associations, foundations, societies acting for disabled children.
Program taught in:
  • Polish

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