Part-Time Bachelor of Business Administration


Program Description


The part-time degree program in Business is an accredited, nationally recognized courses offered by the Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences - Technology, Business and Design. With the Bachelor of Arts (BA) of the Hochschule Wismar job prospects are particularly serving focal points also because the offer of several sow and the associated varied professional applications very well.

This program is offered at the NBS in two time models, in full-time during the day for high school graduates and technical school graduates and Friday evenings and Saturdays for professionals and trainees.

The vocational options

The bachelor's degree program in Business Administration offers a variety of professional and personal development opportunities. By contents taught you after graduation able economic problems to solve.

The transferability of the technical content of study in your immediate operating environment ensures our practical approach. The state university degree to get a cross-industry qualifier, which opens up a high flexibility in further professional life. The program allows you to pursue more academic options to a promotion, but prepares you as extensive prior to the assumption of responsibility in middle and senior management.

The employability of graduates is at the NBS always in focus. This is supported for example by the integrated free seminar program. Do you think of an academic career after? Take advantage of our scientific publication series for their first release!

Course contents

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration mediated by application-oriented teaching a broad managerial expertise and the ability to recognize in the field of economic and administrative tasks responsible real-world problems to work out possible solutions and critically weighed against each other and a selected alternative solution successfully in practice - also in international context - implement.

The acquisition of responsible tasks requires not only expertise Security and decisiveness. Accordingly, the training on key skills and the promotion of personal development is aligned.

Course schedule

1st semester

  • Introduction to Business Administration
  • Financial Accounting
  • Business law
  • Linear Algebra / Linear Programming
  • Soft Skills I

2nd semester

  • Marketing & Distribution
  • financing
  • microeconomics
  • Analysis

3rd semester

  • Materials and production management / logistics
  • Management
  • Human Resources
  • Management accounting
  • Taxation

4th semester

  • Controlling
  • macroeconomics
  • economic computer science
  • statistics

5th semester

  • investment
  • Soft Skills II
  • Competence Field 1 - Module 1
  • Competence Field 1 - Module 2
  • Competence Field 1 - Module 3

6th semester

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Competence Field 2 - Module 1
  • Competence Field 2 - Module 2
  • Competence Field 2 - Module 3

7th semester

  • Project, process and innovation management
  • Balance Sheet Analysis & Accounting Policy
  • European economic policy
  • Operations Research
  • Business Communication od. Business and Politics

8th semester

  • Business Simulation
  • Bachelor thesis with colloquium


September 1 and March 1 of each year


Bachelor of Arts (BA)


  • General university or technical college or university Fachgebundene
  • OR successful completion of a state-approved career advancement as Master / -in; certified / r technician / -in; certified / r Betriebswirt / -in
  • OR by ordinance, especially §§ 18.19 LHG Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (entrance examination, entrance examination) or by the competent government authority for this program equivalent recognized credentials.

Normal period

8 semesters (48 months); Shortening in previous studies, vocational training or nationally recognized career advancement possible.

Lecture times and places

The courses are held on Fridays 18:00 to 21:15 and Saturday 8:30 to 5:00 p.m. in our study centers and Quarree Holstenhofweg and on the premises of Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg.


Break are in February and in August. From Christmas Eve until New Year neither lectures nor checks.

tuition fee

The tuition fees amount to 48 installments of 260 euros per month. In addition, a one-time examination fee of 300 Euro is for the statutory audit applicable (Total price: 12,780 euros).

Last updated Mar 2020

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Die NBS Northern Business School Hochschule für Management und Sicherheit ist eine staatlich anerkannte Hochschule in privater Trägerschaft mit Sitz in Hamburg.

Die NBS Northern Business School Hochschule für Management und Sicherheit ist eine staatlich anerkannte Hochschule in privater Trägerschaft mit Sitz in Hamburg. Read less