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Program Description


CETA Imparts the Official University Degree in Tourism together with UdG, of a Total of 240 ECTS And of 4 years of duration. Find out!

CETA Is aware that tourism is the engine of the current economy and great generator of employment, so it is committed to a quality, international and personalized education to create highly qualified professionals.

The Official University Degree in Tourism, Fully adapted to the EHEA (European Higher Education Area), is taught over four academic years and consists of a Total of 240 ECTS. These studies of the UdG are fully official as reflected in ECO 84/2011, dated May 2, 2011, published in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat de Catalunya No. 5880, dated May 17, 2011.

Our educational offer is based on a Curriculum vitae in constant evolution and personalized attention, Guaranteeing in this way the maximum adaptability of the student to the professional profiles required in the sector. In addition, in the framework of Official University Degree in Tourism, CETA offers:

  • A wide range of optional subjects to complete the different curricular itineraries, providing a specific training oriented to the different professional exits in accommodation, leisure and intermediation.
  • Supplementary activities to reinforce the level of languages ​​( language exchanges, guided tours in English, etc.)
  • Practical work agreements in more than 250 companies and national and international organizations in the tourism sector.
  • International exchanges and the possibility of doing part of the degree studies abroad, through the European Erasmus program.

Entry Requirements

According to him Royal Decree 558/2010 of 7 May, Which regulates the conditions for access to official university education degree and admission procedures in Spanish public universities, different routes are established:

  • University Entrance Examinations or assimilated (PAAU).
  • Higher Level Formative Cycles, FP2 or similar.
  • University Graduates.
  • Students from educational systems to which Article 38.5 of Organic Law 2/2006, of May 3, applies.
  • Recognition of foreign university studies (continuation of the same studies).

skills acquired

The student, during his course of the Degree in Tourism, will acquire several competences, both Transversals and Professionals.

Transversal Competences

  • Have initiative and entrepreneurship.
  • Teamwork.
  • Know how to orient yourself to the client.
  • Have business vision.
  • Master the techniques of oral and written communication for the transmission of information, ideas and opinions.
  • Designing policies and decisions for the promotion of sustainability in tourism activities.
  • Make decisions and solve problems, interpreting and evaluating with critical spirit the results obtained.
  • Working in an international context.

Professional Skills

  • Understand the principles of tourism and the importance of the resulting socio-cultural and environmental impact.
  • Analyze the economic dimension of tourism at the international level.
  • Understand the global tourist system and the evolutionary character of the characteristics of its components.
  • Master the fundamentals and apply the political, legal and institutional framework that regulates tourism companies and activities.
  • Identify and manage the internal aspects, functions and operational processes of the tourist business units.
  • Plan and manage the human resources of tourism organizations.
  • Plan, organize, manage and control the different types of tourism organizations.
  • Analyze, synthesize and critically summarize the economic-patrimonial information of tourist organizations.
  • Manage financial resources.
  • Analyze and evaluate the tourism potential of product design, services and projects.
  • Identify, revalue and manage the cultural and natural heritage for tourism use.
  • Marketing products, services and tourism projects.
  • Manage the accessibility and mobility of tourists.
  • Manage spaces and tourist destinations.
  • Knowledge and management of information technologies and information management systems in tourism.
  • Understand and implement quality standards in tourism service processes.

The Official University Degree in Tourism of CETA Has an academic and professional orientation to general knowledge and the specific fields of tourism management and planning at the level of organizations, activities, destinations, products and resources.


CETA offers a curriculum that responds to the demand and needs of companies and organizations in the sector and is oriented towards the different professional profiles and outlets in the various fields of tourism: the different destinations, the various tourist entities, The multiple subsectors of tourism, the management of enterprises and the planning of this activity.

First course DEGREE University in Tourism 60 ETCS

  • Introduction to Tourism 6 ECTS
  • Sociocultural dimension of tourism 6 ECTS
  • Economic dimension of the tourist market 6 ECTS
  • Territorial dimension of tourism 6 ECTS
  • Legal dimension of tourism 6 ECTS
  • Tourism Marketing 6 ECTS
  • Accounting of tourist companies 6 ECTS
  • Quantitative and qualitative techniques applied to tourism 6 ECTS
  • Computer and communication techniques 6 ECTS
  • English I 3 ECTS
  • French I or German I 3 ECTS

Second course DEGREE University in Tourism 60 ETCS

  • English II 6 ECTS
  • French II or German II 6 ECTS
  • World Tourism Geography 6 ECTS
  • Tourism destination marketing 6 ECTS
  • Territorial planning and tourism policies 6 ECTS
  • Travel destinations 6 ECTS
  • Organization of hotel and brokerage firms 6 ECTS
  • Economic and financial management in tourism companies 6 ECTS
  • Management of accommodation and catering companies 6 ECTS
  • Management of intermediation companies 3 ECTS

Third course DEGREE University in Tourism 60 ETCS

  • English III 6 ECTS
  • French III or German III 6 ECTS
  • Creation of itineraries and guides 5 ECTS
  • Cultural heritage management 4 ECTS
  • Customer service and quality in tourism products 6 ECTS
  • Electronic marketing and creation of tourism products 5 ECTS
  • Management of natural resources 4 ECTS
  • Strategic Management of Human Resources 6 ECTS
  • Strategic management of intermediation companies 3 ECTS
  • Strategic management of hotel companies 3 ECTS
  • Practicum 12 ECTS

Fourth course University Degree in Tourism 60 ETCS

  • French 6 ECTS
  • Electives I (to choose) ECTS
  • Electives II (to be chosen) ECTS
  • Final Grade Work (See HERE for the Regulations) 15 ECTS
  • Academic Recognition 6 ECTS

Optative subjects

The sum of Electives I and II is 39 ECTS, of which the student must choose from the following list *:


  • Practicum II 6 ECTS
  • Tourist Heritage of Catalonia 3 ECTS
  • History of Art 3 ECTS
  • Infrastructures and Means of Tourist Transport (English) 3 ECTS
  • Entrepreneurship 3 ECTS
  • Alternative Tourism 3 ECTS
  • Tourism, Distribution and Logistics (English) 3 ECTS
  • Tourist and Hotel Animation 3 ECTS
  • Organization of Congresses and Events 3 ECTS
  • Design of Operative Processes in Tourism (English) 3 ECTS
  • Administrative Law 3 ECTS
  • Emerging Markets 3 ECTS
  • Fourth language I 3 ECTS
  • Management and Personnel Management 3 ECTS


  • Tourist Guide 3 ECTS
  • Management of Tourism Information 3 ECTS
  • Heritage of Spain 3 ECTS
  • Creation of Tourism Companies 3 ECTS
  • Leisure Companies 3 ECTS
  • Introduction to Restoration 3 ECTS
  • Hotel Management 3 ECTS
  • Gastronomy and Enology 3 ECTS
  • Cruise Management 3 ECTS
  • Fourth Language II 3 ECTS
  • Literature and Travel (English) 3 ECTS
  • Accommodation Legislation 3 ECTS

* Elective subjects I and II total between 39 ECTS . Within these 39 ECTS, the optional subject Practicum II is compulsory, so that the student must choose, among the list of electives, a total of 35 ECTS distributed between the first and second semester. For any questions, you can contact

Practices and job

CETA has an active labor market, whose objective is to Facilitate their students and alumni the incorporation into the world of work. The professional offer is characterized by a wide and varied range of possibilities. The offers come from more than 250 prestigious companies in the sector and are both national and international. In this latter case, The people in charge of the area are in charge of orienting the student according to their preferences, Besides informing you of all the necessary procedures for your stay in another country. Our students and alumni Improve your level of English While working in Dubai or French working in Belgium or France. These destinations vary and evolve every year depending on the demand of the sector, both nationally and internationally.


The professional development activities (ADP) are designed for the students of the University Degree in Tourism that have the sporadic possibility of Make a stay, not required by the Curriculum, in a company or institution In order to enhance their professional experience. It is not an obligation of the Curriculum, it is an activity not regulated within the Academic Plan of the University Degree. It is contemplated as an extension of its training and future development as a professional in the tourist world.


CETA facilitates the incorporation of all its students to the world of work through offers of internships and work that adapt to the professional choice of each student. The practical department advises and guides the student in an individualized way, Locating the best offer among the many proposals for the more than 250 collaborating companies of proven prestige in the sector.

The students can practice their summer in some of the Canary Islands or Balearic Islands or in many of the tourist places of the Catalan and Spanish coast. In this way, they can combine their learning with the benefit of the beaches and landscapes of these coasts and know and work in some of the most relevant destinations of holiday tourism.


CETA offers its students the possibility of European, American, tourist, hotel and leisure companies, With the aim of completing and expanding their training, both in languages ​​and professional. The Internship abroad Can be done during the summer. Students can practice in countries such as Italy, France, Austria, Belgium or Finland.

Career prospects

The professional exits of the Degree in Tourism are listed in the following categories:

Hotels. Restoration. Campsites and Hostels. Ski Slopes. Golf Courses. Spas. Cruise ships...

Airlines. Cruise ships. Trains (AVE / TGV). Excursions: bicing and mountain biking, kayaking and canoeing, hiking ...)

Travel agency. AAVV Online. Creation of Itineraries. Wholesale Agencies. Adventure trip...

Tourist informants. Tourism offices. Tour guides...


Our prices include:

  • Study, Tutoring and Send to our group of Companies and entities the Curriculum Professional Professional Directors of each student who has done it in the fourth course.
  • Study, Tutoring, Registration and Distribution of Professional Videocurriculum at the end of the degree.
  • Reinforcement of the level of languages ​​(linguistic exchanges, guided visits in English, etc.)
  • Wide range of optional subjects to complete the different curricular itineraries, providing specific training oriented to the different professional exits in accommodation, transport, leisure and intermediation.
  • Extensive system of scholarships and aid, both the ministry of education and CETA.


The enrollment will be paid once the place has been assigned by the Office of University Pre-Registration Official of the Generalitat of Catalonia.



CETA Believes in promoting equal opportunities And in recognizing and To reward academic excellence, for this reason, CETA Makes available to its students a system of Private scholarships To actively help their students.

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La Escuela Universitaria de Turismo CETA es un centro con prestigio internacional y pionera en el campo de la formación turística con más de 40 años de experiencia. CETA ofrece e imparte una formación ... Read More

La Escuela Universitaria de Turismo CETA es un centro con prestigio internacional y pionera en el campo de la formación turística con más de 40 años de experiencia. CETA ofrece e imparte una formación turística de alto nivel, personalizada, especializada y polivalente, utilizando métodos pedagógicos modernos centrados en el desarrollo personal y profesional de nuestros alumnos, fomentando las capacidades y habilidades de comunicación, relación y trabajo en equipo, así como su creatividad, imaginación e iniciativa. Read less