New Code of Conduct to Attract Foreign Students in Denmark
October 13, 2015

If you're considering studying abroad in Denmark, the process of applying should be easier and more transparent. The Danish government and departments of education have developed a new Code of Conduct aimed at making applications for study in Denmark more simple and streamlined. Here's what students need to know about the new guidelines.

Vietnam-UK Agreement to Boost Mobility
October 7, 2015
Vietnam celebrated seventy years of independence in September. London marked Vietnam's Platinum Jubilee with a series of events called the Viet Nam Discovery. Not only did it consist of festivals and symposiums, but it also included the groundbreaking Viet Nam-UK Education Cooper...

One Million to Boost Education Cooperation Between Australia and India
September 29, 2015
Indian students who choose to study in Australia will soon find it easier to transfer their academic credits back to their home country. This development is one of several put forward by ministers of education in both Australia and India. Indeed, they have now announced several new measures tha...

Lithuania Announces 2015 Support for Foreign Master’s Students
September 25, 2015
More international students -- particularly those from the Ukraine -- will have the opportunity to study in Lithuania this year thanks to an increase in state support, according to a recent decree signed by Audrone Pitreniene, the country’s Education and Science Minister. Let’s take a cl...

Poland Ends Full Upfront Tuition Requirements
September 24, 2015
Poland is home to one of the oldest universities in Europe and birthplace of some of the world's greatest scientists and mathematicians. In recent years, more students have chosen to study abroad in Poland. Now the Polish government and the ministry of science and higher education are hoping to...

National Association of Graduate Teachers Colloquium in Ghana
May 27, 2015
The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) cites “equitable, quality education and lifelong learning for all,” as a primary goal for the educational sector. To that end, the organization held a Colloquium on Quality Education in Accra, Ghana late last summer. Let’s...

The Danish Challenge: Study More To Be the Best
May 6, 2015
Danish education and research minister Sofie Carsten Nielsen has voiced concern about Danish students not "studying enough". Consequences? The government pushes to increase study time and improve competitiveness.


January 15, 2019

Early this fall, US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos declared that the US is embroiled in “a crisis in higher education” due to the rising cost ...

January 10, 2019

Australian universities have seen an increase in access to higher education in recent years. However, insiders say there’s more work to be done. To ...

January 7, 2019

Research consistently points to an access gap in higher education between students from advantaged and disadvantaged backgrounds. But this isn’t to ...