Is a Shortage of Computer Scientists Imminent in the UK?
November 24, 2016

Computer scientists have top earning potential and are in great demand by employers all over the world. And yet despite these allures, the UK will face a “huge shortage” of computer science scholars in the years ahead, according to former Google chief executive and current executive chairman of Alphabet Eric Schmidt. Why is a global pioneer in the field of computer science poised for a fall? Here’s a closer look.

Taiwan Pushes to Double Numbers of International Students by 2019
November 21, 2016
Taiwan’s Ministry of Education recently announced plans to attract 30,000 international students to the country.  Learn more about this exciting plan and its potential impact on the region. 

China and 19 EU Countries Will Recognize Higher Education Degrees
November 17, 2016
As part of its international strategy in higher education, China recently signed an agreement with 19 countries in the European Union for the mutual recognition of credits between institutions in China and the EU.  Let’s take a closer look.

Should International Students in the UK Count as Immigrants?
November 14, 2016
With British universities facing potential crackdowns on foreign students and work visas in an effort to reduce migration, a recent Universities UK poll reveals that most Britons don’t actually view international students as immigrants. Here’s a closer look at the survey results, along w...

Ireland Takes Ambitious Aim at International Education Market
November 10, 2016
With the global international education market booming, more countries are angling to claim a larger share of the pie. The latest to set a high bar in the arena of courting international students? Ireland, which recently released an ambitious new strategy aimed at exponentially amping up internation...

Why You Should Study the Liberal Arts
November 7, 2016
With mounting cultural pressure from parents and schools to study STEM, medicine, business, and economics, many students who otherwise want to study the liberal arts are choosing different paths. Find out why this may be a mistake.

The Congressional Election and Its Consequences for Higher Education
November 3, 2016
Affordability.  Accessibility.  Accreditation.  Transgender Rights.  On-campus Sexual Assault.  These are just a few of the issues that dominate discussions on higher education policy in the US.  There’s more to this divisive election than the Presidential race.&n...

English Coursework Going Strong in the Netherlands
October 31, 2016
A staggering 60 percent of university courses in the Netherlands are taught in English, according to a recent report from the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant. This number spikes even higher at the master’s degree level -- with a full 70 percent of Dutch university offerings available in English....

Will Closing the Skills Gap Be Part of Obama’s Legacy?
October 27, 2016
Obama’s days in the Oval Office may be hurtling toward an end, but he’s not yet done yet. Let’s take a closer look at what the current administration has done to promote STEM, along with highlighting what the President and his advisors have established as priorities moving forward.

Yay Norway! Norway Tops European Rankings in International Student Satisfaction
October 24, 2016
Combine fantastic universities, brilliant professors, and friendly students with Norway’s natural splendor and sparkling cities, and it’s no surprise to learn that Norway ranks #1 in student satisfaction for international students studying in Europe. 


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