Multimedia Marketing (B.Sc.)


Program Description

In the Multimedia Marketing course, you will learn how to plan and apply new media in marketing in a targeted manner. The focus is on the conception and implementation of multimedia content in the context of online and offline marketing. From situation and target group analysis, target and strategy development to the implementation of specific measures, e.g. website development, search engine optimization, social media marketing to photo and video design, you will be able to use a wide range of methods, procedures and techniques of modern marketing management faced.

We deliberately set ourselves apart from classic business administration or marketing studies, which are broadly based and highlight as diverse aspects and determinants of corporate success as possible. The Multimedia Marketing course imparts specific marketing knowledge aimed at digital areas, which is built on a solid foundation of business and information technology basics, e.g. programming and business informatics. This content is flanked by modern aspects of design and media composition.

The degree gives our graduates a broad professional horizon, which enables them to start their careers.

The course has been offered since 2008 and has been in great demand since it was launched.

Type of study: Full time
Duration of study: 6 semesters
Lecture language: German
Graduation: Bachelor of Science
ECTS: 180
next start of studies: each winter semester
Application deadline: 07/15/2021

Marketing degree as an all-rounder for digital marketing

Learn in the 6-semester Bachelor's degree:

  • evaluate new developments in digital media,
  • develop a target group-specific marketing mix,
  • Use online marketing (SEO, SEM, social media marketing, etc.),
  • To draft design concepts,
  • to creatively design digital media (websites, photography, video, etc.)
    [Projects of the course are presented at the INTERMEDIALE Schmalkalden event, which is organized annually by students:;]
  • organize the project management and the controlling of the marketing measures.

Course of studies of the marketing degree

The multimedia marketing course is designed in this way: in the first three semesters you deal with the basics of business informatics, object-oriented programming, business administration, market research, marketing and visual communication. In the fourth semester you will deepen the areas of online marketing as well as multimedia and communication systems. In addition, depending on your interests, you can choose a further area of specialization, e.g. communication, application systems or corporate management. In the fifth semester, you apply the content you have learned as part of the practical phase in a company. Alternatively, you can study abroad with one of our over 100 international university partners. In the sixth semester, you will hear additional content in your areas of specialization and conclude your studies by writing your bachelor thesis.

Course content of the marketing course

The first stage of the multimedia marketing course comprises two semesters with a total of 60 ECTS through compulsory modules.

Compulsory modules of the marketing course (1st stage of study):

  • Mathematical basics
  • Introduction to Business Informatics
  • programming
  • Business administration (including accounting)
  • Basics of Marketing
  • Market research / statistics
  • Usability / web analytics
  • Basics of visual communication
  • Introduction to IT and business law
  • English

The second stage of the multimedia marketing course comprises four semesters with a total of 120 ECTS. Of these, 20 ECTS are from the practical module or semester abroad and a total of 12 ECTS are for the bachelor thesis and the colloquium.

Compulsory modules of the marketing course (2nd stage of study):

  • marketing
  • visual communication
  • Multimedia and communication systems
  • Management
  • Application systems
  • Information management
  • project management
  • Software engineering
  • IT security and data protection
  • Multimedia marketing project
  • Marketing simulation game
  • Introduction to scientific work

Compulsory specialization areas in the marketing course:

  • marketing
  • Multimedia and communication systems

Elective areas of specialization in the marketing course:

  • visual communication
  • Management
  • Application systems

In the course of the second part of the study, at least one elective module / key qualification with the scope of 3 ECTS from the extensive module catalog must be taken.

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Master's degree as a perspective

With your bachelor's degree in multimedia marketing, you will acquire a professional qualification after just six semesters, which will prepare you for starting your career. The mandatory internship during your studies makes it easier for you to start your career because you have already been able to experience certain fields of digital marketing up close. The consistent practical orientation of the course is a plus point of the University of Applied Sciences that is highly valued by employers.

A good bachelor's degree allows for a postgraduate master’s degree. In the Faculty of Computer Science, we offer the consecutive Master’s degree in "Applied Media Informatics", which continues the Bachelor’s program and leads to a second university degree after four semesters. The master’s course is designed to deepen scientific qualifications in the field of interactive multimedia services and applications and to expand them to include interesting thematic focuses. The research-led study according to areas of interest is promoted here by a high degree of freedom of choice. Graduates of the master’s degree can then work as specialists in a wide variety of practical areas. A qualified master’s degree also enables you to take up a doctorate and start an academic career.

admission requirements

You are entitled to study multimedia marketing if you have one of the following qualifications: general university entrance qualification, technical college entrance qualification, subject-related university entrance qualification, successful completion of the master craftsman's examination, successful completion of a course to become a state-certified technician or state-certified business economist.

There are no admission restrictions for the multimedia marketing course.

Career prospects for graduates of the multimedia marketing degree

Online media and e-commerce have become indispensable in both private and business everyday life. The targeted use of digital media and forms of distribution by companies requires the application of specialist know-how. For this purpose, there is an increasing demand for university graduates who have completed a marketing degree and have technical and design expertise. While a few years ago mainly large companies appeared as employers, medium-sized and smaller companies are now also looking for specialists in this area.

Graduates of the Multimedia Marketing degree program now work as

  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Social media manager or online editor
  • Web designer
  • Marketing Consultant
  • SEO consultant
  • Junior Product Manager
  • Project manager
  • Sales manager
  • as well as in other business or IT-related areas
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