Proper management of organizations can provide them with effectiveness and efficiency in achieving defined strategies, flexibility and innovation to adapt to the changes. In an increasingly dynamic, competitive and globalized context, have specialized profesionles in Business Administration is an essential condition for development and sustainability of all kinds of structure, whether nonprofit or for-profit and large structures or you MALL.

Graduates in Business Administration IUEAN are able to participate in the formulation and interpretation of the general guidelines laid down by the policies and strategies of the organization. They may implement, monitor these guidelines, and be able to encourage, support and motivate their partners to achieving a focused performance.

Bachelor in Business Administration.:

  • Managing different types of organizations, activity and evergadura from middle and upper positions, including General Manager.
  • Plan, implement and monitor strategies, tactics, operations and projects in commercial, economic, financial and human resource matters.
  • Define and describe structures and functions of the organization, performance standards and remuneration systems.
  • Develop and implement policies, systems, methods and procedures management, finance, marketing, budgets, costs and personnel management.
  • Supervise, coordinate and control activities, people and processes.
  • Advise and train as independent companies and institutions and non-profit organizations of any type and size in the stages of analysis, planning, organization, management and control in all functional areas consultants.

Study plan


First quarter

  • 01. Fundamentals of Management
  • 02. Mathematics I
  • 03. Computers
  • 04. Fundamentals of Marketing
  • 05. General Economy

Second term

  • 06. Business Planning
  • 07. Applied Marketing
  • 08. Mathematics II
  • 09. Economic History
  • 10. Labour Law


First quarter

  • 11. Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
  • 12. Statistics
  • 13. Strategic Management
  • 14. Accounting I
  • 15. Microeconomics

Second term

  • 16. Commercial Law
  • 17. Organizational Management
  • 18. Accounting II
  • 19. Financial Mathematics
  • 20. Management and Negotiation With ict


First quarter

  • 21. Financial Management
  • 22. Macroeconomics
  • 23. Integrated Information
  • 24. Management of SMEs II
  • 25. costs

Second term

  • 26. Planning and Budget
  • 27. Organizational Analysis
  • 28. Ethics and Professional Ethics
  • 29. Quantitative Techniques
  • 30. Integration and Management Seminar Practice


First quarter

  • 31. Control Board
  • 32. Research Methodology
  • 33. Analysis of Financial Statements
  • 34. Formulation and Evaluation
  • 35. Management of SMEs II

Second term

  • 36. Tax Regime
  • 37. Operations Management and Logistics
  • 38. Directorate General
  • 39. Professional Practice Seminar
  • 40. Final Workshop



University analyst in Business Administration (3 years)


Lic. In Business Administration (4 years)

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Feb 2020
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Feb 2020
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