Degree in Marketing


Program Description

Official Degree: Degree in Marketing
Duration / ECTS: 4 years / 240 ECTS
Places / Campus: 65 / Moncada - Alfara; 20 / Elche
Taught in: Spanish
Learning outcomes

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General competitions

  • CG 1. That students acquire an ethical commitment to society in the realization of their activities. / The achievement of this competence involves acquiring criteria that allow understanding and valuing the current society and culture, through the study of its historical roots in order to empower the graduate to make critical judgments about the different aspects of the social reality and to contribute proposals for improvement from the prism of the constitutional principles and the Social Doctrine of the Church.
  • CG 2. That students acquire skills in the use of Information and Communication Technologies. The achievement of this competence involves knowing, understanding and managing the Information and Communication Technologies that will be necessary for the development of the student's future professional.
  • CG 3. That students acquire the ability to work autonomously to get them to be entrepreneurs in their activities. The achievement of this competence implies being able to design a work plan as well as undertake its culmination with perseverance and flexibility - anticipating and overcoming the difficulties that arise in its development and integrating the modifications that its evolution requires - in a professional and qualified way.
  • CG 4. That the students have an attitude regarding: Fundamental rights and equality between men and women; The respect and promotion of Human Rights; Non-discrimination and universal accessibility for people with disabilities; Respect for the values ​​of a culture of peace and democratic values.

Specific competences

  • CE.1. Ability to identify, formulate and solve problems by applying professional criteria and understanding the competitive and institutional location of the organization, identifying its strengths and weaknesses.
  • CE.2. Ability to manage and manage a company effectively and efficiently from the perspective of Marketing Management as a component of the value chain of a company.
  • CE.3. Ability to perform critical analyzes in quantitative and qualitative terms, including data analysis, interpretation and extrapolation to the concrete business reality and of treatable phenomena from the marketing field.
  • CE.4. Capacity for listening, negotiation, persuasion and effective written communication, using the traditional means of the business world such as the preparation and presentation of reports on specific business situations, markets, competitors, trends and forecasts.
  • CE.5 Ability to use information technologies, as well as to identify the relevant sources of information used in the marketing and market research area.
  • CE.6. Leadership and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as the ability to run a business and be part of work teams.
  • CE.7. Capacity for self-criticism and sensitivity to the diversity of people, cultures and businesses that, in one way or another, influence the marketing strategy of organizations.
  • CE.8. Know and understand the importance of areas such as sustainability, globalization, corporate social responsibility, diversity and innovation. in making business decisions.
  • CE.9. Ability to design a national or international marketing plan, using all the tools and variables related to the marketing mix, following a process of research, planning, execution and control, of strategic decisions adapted to the environment and the organization.
  • CE.10. Observation capacity and adaptation to the environment, maintaining a proactive attitude and proposing creative solutions to the new needs and market trends.
  • CE.11. Capacity and initiative to solve business problems of the organizations and assume with enough knowledge the decision making of the commercial policy, highlighting the importance of the transversality of these decisions in the framework of the productive processes of the companies.


Professional outings

Undergraduate studies in marketing give access to multiple career opportunities both in the field of private enterprise and in public administration or through the autonomous exercise of the profession. You can be, for example:

  • Key Account Manager
  • Head of Commercial Administration
  • Head of merchandising
  • Head of Customer Service
  • Market research technician
  • Communication technician
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing director
  • External marketing consultant
  • Export technician
  • Sales manager
  • Commercial Director
  • Logistics director

That makes us different?

1. The employability of the student, in the center

We are obsessed that the student jumps into the working world in the best conditions. Therefore, our curriculum is connected with the employability of the future: internationalization, innovation and creativity in the management and strategic direction of resources.

2. The international dimension

  • Free supplementary training in English from first to fourth to improve the starting level.
  • Matters within the curriculum that reinforce language competence: taught in English or English for technical use.
  • International exchanges: with our Erasmus coordinated program with mobility in several European countries, so you can study a semester or course in another country.
  • Opportunities for international internships.

3. Direct contact with the profession

Because we understand that in order to become a good manager in the company, you must be in contact with the best professionals first. For this reason, we articulate your training from two key milestones:

  • We have visiting professors, key professionals from relevant organizations, who attend each course to share their experience with the students.
  • Throughout the degree, visits or other training activities are scheduled in companies to make contact with the reality of each sector.

4. The case method

We use this method as a transversal learning tool:

  • It is applied in all the courses from the first grade.
  • All the subjects that are taught throughout the course are involved. So the student becomes aware of the importance of each of the subjects taught and the interrelation that exists between them.
  • Visits are scheduled to the companies under study and talks with those responsible for them.

5. Double degrees of the specialist in double degrees

You can study at the same time two university courses with compatible schedules, with all the classrooms in the same facilities and, of course, without paying twice as much. So are the double degrees of the University specialist in double degrees.

  • Double Degree in Marketing Advertising and Public Relations
  • Double Degree in Business Management Marketing

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Somos una Universidad católica, pionera en el desarrollo de proyectos educativos innovadores. Estamos orientados a ayudar a las personas que aprenden con nosotros a entender la disciplina que estudian y a desarrollar su actividad profesional con integridad y responsabilidad. Nuestra referencia son los valores del humanismo cristiano que constituyen nuestro criterio de pensamiento y acción para la mejora de la sociedad. Read less