Program Description

home the goal of the faculty - Preparation of bachelors in economics and management of enterprises and organizations, state bodies and local self-government in accordance with the requirements of state educational standards, license number 0000827 Series 90L01 reg. Number 0770 of June 18, 2013 and certificate of state accreditation series BB number 000932 (registration number 0922 from 25.04.2011 city)

The area of ​​professional activity of graduates

Economic, financial, marketing, production and economic and analytical services in different industries, fields and forms of ownership; commercial banks, stock exchanges, insurance and investment companies, consulting firms, public authorities and local governments, to ensure effective management of the organization, the organization of control systems, improving governance in line with the trends of social and economic development, ensuring effective management of the organization, participation in the organization and the functioning of the state and municipal management systems, improving governance in line with the trends of socio-economic development. Objects of professional activity - various organizations and state and municipal management system division, the processes of economic, political, organizational and social life, the problems of functioning and development of the state and its regional and municipal entities.

Towards "Management" implemented at the Faculty of Training for the following profiles:

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Organisation Management
  • Marketing
  • Project management
  • Financial management

with the assignment of the degree of "Bachelor" with the issuance of state diploma.

Tuition fees: part-time form - 28 000 rubles per semester, part-time form - 21 000 rubles per semester.

Among the disciplines that study, students enrolled in the direction of "Management", professional cycle should be noted such disciplines as financial records; financial management; prroektami management; Economics and management of the organization; crisis management.

Entrance test

Recruitment of students at the Faculty is carried out in accordance with the rules of admission to higher educational institutions on the results of the exam:

  • mathematics
  • Russian language
  • Social Studies

Applicants who have received secondary vocational education (HRE), primary professional (NGOs) and secondary (complete) general education up to January 1, 2009 may pass the entrance test in the disciplines: mathematics, Russian language, social science (in the case of the profile of secondary education - test "mathematics" only on the discipline).

Forms and terms of training

On the basis of secondary complete education:

  • part-time (evening) form of education - 5 years;
  • extramural studies - 5 years.

On the basis of secondary (profiled):

  • part-time (evening) form of education - 4 years;
  • extramural studies - 4 years.
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